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Solaris Error 145 Connection Timed Out

Deadlock situation detected/avoided 47. Host name local configuration error: sendmail wants to have a fully qualified domain name for the local host. WSAENETRESET (10052): The connection has been broken due to remote host resetting. It is NOT a complete list of errors. this content

Panic boot: Could not mount filesystem: (During a Jumpstart) The Jumpstart boot process is unable to get to the install image. bad trap = N See the message "BAD TRAP" for details. /bin/sh: variable: too big This Bourne shell message indicates a classic "no memory" error. The output will include an expression, a source file number and a code line number. Could not initialize tooltalk (tt_open): TT_ERR_NOMP Various desktop tools display or print this message when the ttsession(1) process is not available.

VMSize is 305.5625 MB increased by 176.078125 MB in past 1 -------- Thu Feb 7 22:57:57 2013::Received restart request from EMAgent : 16959 ---------- Thu Feb 7 22:57:57 2013::Stopping EMAgent : If you are trying to connect to the database, check that the database manager and TCP/IP protocol support at the server has been started successfully. Running this command without this option may mess things up beyond repair.) fsck can be run against an alternate superblock with fsck -o b=superblock /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s# If there is a lot of Data fault 46.

  1. This problem may accompany a BAD TRAP error.
  2. Deadlock situation detected/avoided (EDEADLK): A potential deadlock over a system resource (usually a lock) was detected and avoided.
  3. No more updates or security fixes, will be provided Read More » Whats new in IOS 9.3.3, OS X El Capitan v10.11.6 July 18, 2016 Security issues fixed in IOS 9.3.3 
  4. Then run fsck again to repair the file system.
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  6. Return to your original shell by typing exit.
  7. To run this command inside a cmdtool or a shelltool, make sure the command is spelled correctly and is in your search path (if necessary, use a full path name).

BAD TRAP A bad trap can indicate faulty hardware or a mismatch between hardware and its configuration information. First attempt following change resulted in 503 - temp unavailable. If it contains different versions of the same classes, it will be masked as the latter is already visible in the search path of loader em.web.em:0.0.0.WARNING: Code-source /oracle/orasrv11/OraBase_1/OraHome_1/lib/xmlmesg.jar (from in WSAEMFILE (10024): There are no file descriptors available.

The symbolic name for this error is ECHRNG, errno=37. WSAEINPROGRESS (10036): A blocking Windows Sockets operation is in progress. While checking anode link counts during phase 4, fsck(1M) found a file (or directory) that either does not exist or exists somewhere else. Re: Problem Starting EM on 11g hans yu Mar 20, 2014 2:46 PM (in response to AmitGargOCE) Hi AMmitGargOCE,I have actually dropped and re configured emca a few times already because

The file command displays the expected architecture for the binary. The symbolic name for this error is E2BIG, errno=7. Halt the machine by typing Stop-A or by pressing the reset button. Show 7 replies 1.

The symbolic name for this error is ECONNREFUSED, errno=146. Continued can't find environment variable: The specified environment variable has not been set. Block device required 21. #errno21 22. Unmount the file system, remove the swap and/or disable the dump device, then retry the cfgadm command.

Attempting to link in more shared libraries than system limit (ELIBMAX): The executable requires more static libraries than the current system limit. news A remount may be needed to force a renegotiation of file handles. Event not found: The shell reports that a command matching the request cannot be found in the history buffer for the shell session. Directory not empty The directory operation that was attempted, such as directory removal with rmdir, can be performed only on an empty directory.

uname: error writing name when booting: /etc/nodename must contain exactly one line with the name of the system and no blanks or returns. This may have been caused by a failing disk, faulty disk connections, software misconfiguration or duplicate SCSI addresses. ENETRESET (10052): The network has dropped the connection on reset. Verify storage device authentication settings.

authentication receive failed: Initiator unable to receive authentication information. This is a followup to NFS server ... The card may need to be reseated.

Broken pipe (EPIPE): No reading process was available to accept a write on the other end of a pipe.

can't synchronize with hayes This message sometimes appears when using a modem that the system regards as a "Hayes" type modem, which includes most modems manufactured today. Deadlock situation detected/avoided A programming deadlock situation was detected and avoided. A reboot is recommended after we have figured out which process is hogging all the memory and/or swap, since the system may be in an unstable state. Not a UFS filesystem: The boot device is improperly defined.

No such process (ESRCH): The process does not exist on the system. Make sure that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set properly. Errors returned by WSAGetLastError() can be found in the file winsock.h. check my blog SCSI bus DATA IN phase parity error: This is a problem related to SCSI hardware or connections.

Maybe a wiki? I will suggest to deinstall EM and reconfigure using following commands1. A quick way to remove a non-empty directory hierarchy is with the rm -r command. NFS write failed for server ...

I can see that you're on a valid trial subscription. EPIPE 32 32 32 32 Broken pipe. No space left on device (ENOSPC): The disk, tape or diskette is full. This is usually due to a hardware or connection problem, but it can be caused by contention on the SCSI channel, or even a mis-match in timeout settings between the OS

Trap 3E: These are caused by a bad boot disk superblock. This happens either when trying to connect to an inactive service or when a service process is not present at the requested address. No message of desired type (ENOMSG): Something attempted to receive a message of a type that does not exist on the message queue. If you select the wrong replacement super-block, data corruption will probably occur, and you will have to restore from backup tapes.

This may need to be resolved in single-user mode, since logins will not be permitted. WSAENOPROTOOPT (10042): The option is unknown or unsupported. Non-obvious SCSI ID conflicts may be diagnosed using the PROM monitor probe-scsi-all command. (See OBP Command Line Diagnostics for more details.) These errors may also happen when the SCSI device and If someone has such a resource, let me know and I will link to it.

Can't invoke /etc/init, error N This message can appear while a system is booting, indicating that the init program is missing or corrupted. It is possible that updates have been made to the original version after this document was translated and published. Connection timed out 38. If it contains different versions of the same classes, it will be masked as the latter is already visible in the search path of loader em.web.em:0.0.0.WARNING: Code-source /oracle/orasrv11/OraBase_1/OraHome_1/sysman/jlib/j2ee/jsch.jar (from in

Arguments too long: This is a C shell message indicating that more than 1706 arguments follow a command. Data Fault: This is a particular type of bad trap that indicates a configuration text or data access fault. If that looks correct, echo $path to see if the user's search path is correct. Then run the format(1M) command, select the disk involved, and print out the partition information. # format : N > partition > print Note whether the overlap occurs at the beginning