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Note that this is a temporary workaround, since this has the net effect of reducing maximum NFS throughput on the segment. The first half of the address, 08:00:20 shows that the system is a Sun computer. Following sample output shows us that my network interface link status is 1, which means the network cable is plugged,Network speed is 1000mbit and auto negotiation is on.The other command is Runts are usually caused by collisions. check over here

Document all steps and results. Where possible shutdown internal firewall and try to remove routers and firewalls from the networking path affected. Document changes as your proceed not as an afterthought: Document the tests performed and the results in case a bug is found. Skip Navigation Links Exit Print View Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library Search Scope: This Document Entire Library Document Information Preface PartITCP/IP Administration 1.Planning the Network Deployment

Solaris 10 Netstat

The in.mpathd daemon uses test addresses to exchange ICMP probes, also called probe traffic, with other targets on the IP link. For a detailed description of all netstat options, refer to the netstat(1M) man page. tcpListenDrop = 0 tcpListenDropQ0 = 0 tcpHalfOpenDrop = 0 tcpOutSackRetrans = 0 IPv4 ipForwarding = 2 ipDefaultTTL = 255 ipInReceives =300182 ipInHdrErrors = 0 ipInAddrErrors = 0 ipInCksumErrs = 0 . Talk to us Levent Serinol's Blog Saturday, March 7, 2009 getting network interface statistics on Solaris There are many ways to get network interface status and statistics on Solaris.

Temporary changes may be faster to implement, but cause tremendous confusion when the system reboots after a power failure months or even years later and the fault occurs again. The snmp class queried here to get link status is interfaces.ifTable.# snmpwalk -v1 -c public localhost interfaces.ifTable | egrep "Descr|OperStatus" IF-MIB::ifDescr.1 = STRING: lo0 IF-MIB::ifDescr.2 = STRING: ce0 IF-MIB::ifDescr.3 = STRING: Among more network specific issues: Cut though communication barrier to the level of clear understanding of real symptoms. Solaris Netstat Pid Used with permission.

If not try: bash -x Note down the output and create a softlink to the Linux executable. The basic syntax for netstat follows: netstat [-m] [-n] [-s] [-i | -r] [-faddress-family] This section describes the most commonly used options of the netstat command. Pass the -t option to see the TCP stats: # ./ -t Sample outputs: 16:13:44 InKB OutKB InSeg OutSeg Reset AttF %ReTX InConn OutCon Drops TCP 0.00 0.00 811.3 592.2 0.01 The last half of the address, 76:06:0b is the unique part of the system's Ethernet address.

This is important because you should always attempt to re-create the reported fault after effecting any changes. Netstat Statistics Explained interfaces configured for IPMP showing as "FAILED" in "ifconfig -a" outputThe various flags related to IPMP and their meanings are :deprecated -> can only be used as test address for IPMP Statistics include input/output total packets,errors and collisions for each network device.Next method is by using solaris ndd command. Use the ping utility to send ICMP echo requests from system three to system

  • Simply type the following command: # ./ Sample outputs: Fig.01: nicstat in action Pass the -x option to see extended output: # ./ -x Sample outputs: 15:39:22 RdKB WrKB RdPkt WrPkt
  • But the transmit wire or connector could be broken causing loss of communications.
  • Checking /var/adm/messages file for errorsMost of the times, link down messages are logged in the /var/adm/messages file.
  • Through Solaris 9, netstat -k provides a listing of several component kstat statistics.
  • Statistics are displayed when the ping -s command is terminated. # ping -s Another useful troubleshooting technique using ping is to send ICMP echo requests to the entire network by
  • OutSeg : TCP Segments/second transmitted.

Solaris Netstat Listening Ports

The errors in the messages file can easily tell you the problem in the IPMP configuration.1. Reply James Culbreath March 14, 2013, 6:03 pm So it is telling me: + ostype=unknown + osrel=unknown + cputype=unknown Full output of bash-x found here: Reply nixcraft March 18, Solaris 10 Netstat First one is well known command netstat. Solaris Network Interface Statistics dladm can give us above results with one command and in easily readable format.

It makes sure to avoid any single point of failure on network side. check my blog netstat -k provides a useful summary of several network-related statistics up through Solaris 9, but this option was removed in Solaris 10 in favor of the /bin/kstat command. At the OBP prompt on the client, use the "watch-net-all" command to test and see the network devices.ok> watch-net-all [emailprotected][emailprotected][emailprotected],1 1000 Mbps full duplex Link up Looking for Ethernet Packets. '.' OR read more like this:Linux ifdata Command: See Network Interface Info Without Parsing ifconfig…Linux pidstat Command: Get Statistics For Individual Tasks / ProcessLinux and Unix nload App: Monitor Network Traffic and Solaris Monitor Network Traffic

The following example shows portions of typical netstat -a output.UDP: IPv4 Local Address Remote Address State -------------------- -------------------- ------- *.bootpc Idle host85.bootpc Idle *.* Unbound *.* Unbound *.sunrpc Idle *.* Unbound In general, there is no one correct way to determine the root cause of a networking problem. Where possible, make permanent changes to the configuration settings. this content Please enable JavaScript to submit this form.

wKB/s : Kilobytes/second written. Netstat Packet Receive Errors Networks are a lot like cars: You can start out investigating one problem and find 10 other things that may need attention. This table shows the status of all routes that the host knows about.

Sun Solaris System Admin Sun Solaris HowTo's Tips Tricks Tutorials About Sitemap dladm - Display Link status,speed,duplex,statistics,MTU Networking, Solaris 10 Add comments Jun 192009 In the past we have to

Display the IP routing table.$ netstat -rExample5-8 Routing Table Output by the netstat Command The following example shows output from the netstat -r command.Routing Table: IPv4 Destination Gateway Flags Ref Use Reports bytes in & out. Before changing file always create a baseline of /etc partition. Dlstat Solaris 10 Remember that many changes and ideas during troubleshooting might be lost and cause problems later because they are forgotten, unless they are carefully documented.

However, if the input packet count is steady over time, then the machine does not see the packets at all. Checking link status with kstat (Solaris 8 and 9)kstat is another useful command to check the link status. We may face issues while configuring and even after configuring IPMP. have a peek at these guys Bad CRC If the received packet fails the CRC(Cyclical Redundancy Check), the packet is corrupted and therefore discarded Long This is a frame that is between 1518 and 6000 bytes long.

Page © 2011 by the Trustees of Princeton University. rPk/s : Packets/second received. Next post: Download of the day: Kali Linux ( BackTrack Linux ) Previous post: Book Review: The Book Of Gimp Featured Articles: 30 Cool Open Source Software I Discovered in 2013 You can also display routing table information and interface information.

Jabbers If the received packet is greater than 1500 bytes (MTU), the packet is too long and is discarded. rKB/s : Kilobytes/second received. OutCon : The number of times that TCP connections have made a direct transition to the SYN-SENT state from the CLOSED state.. when I run #mv Makefile.Linux Makefile, and then #make, I get the following output: gcc -O3 -m32 nicstat.c -o nicstat In file included from /usr/include/stdio.h:28:0, from nicstat.c:33: /usr/include/features.h:324:26: fatal error: bits/predefs.h:

Below are some tips and tricks to troubleshoot issues in solaris IPMP configuration.Testing IPMP failoverWe can check the failure and repair of an interface very easily using if_mpadm command. "-d" detaches Note that running a command to verify a configuration parameter is not considered a test in this sense and therefore doesn't need to be performed twice. To use Google Groups Discussions, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings and then refresh this page. . Ensure that the results of the tests are unambiguous before concentrating on the next level.

Type any key to stop. ................................................. [emailprotected][emailprotected][emailprotected] Timed out waiting for Autonegotiation to complete Check cable and try again Link Down [emailprotected][emailprotected][emailprotected][emailprotected],1 Timed out waiting for Autonegotiation to complete Check cable