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Solaris 10 Vxdisk List Error


Can you please try: # vxdisksetup -i fabric_79 see this technote for some background (ie: vxdisksetup may be setting additional attributes): ... Use the noreserve attribute instead. [121258] Using vxvol and vxmend with layered volumes The vxvol and vxmend commands do not handle layered volumes very well. Update the x86 boot archive: # bootadm update-archive Perform the reconfiguration reboot: #touch /reconfigure #shutdown -g0 -y -i6 Boot the failsafe OS. Running the vxdisk scandisks command returns the primary paths to the enabled state. [607996] Failure of mirroring with A/PF arrays Mirroring a volume by using option 6 to the vxdiskadm command this content

Workaround: Check the state of the volumes before starting the application, or place a sleep (sleep sec) before the last invocation of vxrecover. [14450] Forcibly starting a volume The vxrecover command G 0 Kudos Reply Ok I found a problem and way Maveric63 Level 3 ‎06-06-2012 04:28 AM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to Mount the root (/) file system on a suitable mount point. If you have already upgraded your system to 5.0, run the following command to perform device discovery: # vxdctl enable Verify that the array has been added with the policy set

Vxdisk Init Example

Nowwhen I run the vxdisk -e list it does not respond with any output, just returns me to the comand prompt. This action may corrupt the layout of the root disk so that you cannot boot from it. [email protected]# vxdisk -e list DEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUS c#t#d#_NAME c1t0d0s2 sliced rootdisk rootdg online c1t0d0s2 c1t1d0s2 sliced - - online c1t1d0s2 c1t3d0s2 sliced rootspare rootdg online c1t3d0s2 c1t4d0s2 sliced DATA_disk1

  1. This causes any ongoing operation, such as a resynchronization, to fail.
  2. Loss of disk space in 3510 arrays If a 3510 array disk that is larger than 512GB is initialized to be a CDS disk, the value that is returned by a
  3. Resizing a device that contains the only valid configuration copy for a disk group can result in data loss if a system crash occurs during the resize.
  4. TY NAME
  5. As on the Solaris SPARC platform, you can use the VERITAS Enterprise Administrator (VEA) GUI, the Web GUI, or the vxdiskadm, vxdiskadd or vxdisk commands to initialize a new disk with
  6. Also paste these: # vxdisk -e list |egrep 'fabric_79|fabric_80' # prtvtoc /dev/vx/rdmp/fabric_79 # prtvtoc /dev/vx/rdmp/fabric_80 # vxdisk list fabric_79 # vxdisk list fabric_80 # vxdmpadm listenclosure all # vxdmpadm listctlr all

Any ideas how to get these disks online Solved! Powered by Blogger. Depending on the configuration, recovery of the plexes can take a considerable time and consume considerable resources. Vxdisk Path c0t0d0 /[email protected],0/[email protected],600000/[email protected]/[email protected],0 1.

Okay, now we have one entry less. Vxdisk -o Alldgs List invalid st_rdev devfsadm[6117]: verbose: mknod /devices/[email protected],700000:devctl 0l/3l/20600 devfsadm[6117]: verbose: removing node /devices/[email protected],700000:devctl. To see the current cluster protocol version, type: # vxdctl support To upgrade the protocol version for the entire cluster, enter the following command on the master node: # vxdctl upgrade Showing results for  Search instead for  Do you mean  VOX : Business Continuity : Storage Foundation : New disk "ERROR" in vxdisk list VOX : Business Continuity : Storage Foundation :

Not ready error during read ASC: 0x4 ASCQ: 0x3 Warning: error reading backup label. Vxdisksetup Command Not Found A stale entry is a device link in /dev/es, for which no corresponding device is connected to the system. Easy enough - just another routine stuff so my words were - "Ahh it's simple, it's just a disk replacement! I can see all my diskgroups and EMC Replication Manager can now mount all replicated copies Thanks for the help all 0 Kudos Reply Contact Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions

Vxdisk -o Alldgs List

VOX : Business Continuity : Storage Foundation : SAN disks on Solaris in error state and cannot get... After rebooting, execute the command, vxdisk list, and you will see that c1t21d0s7 is not listed. Vxdisk Init Example Check out device tree cleanup Gaurav_S Moderator Trusted Advisor Certified ‎06-06-2012 05:41 AM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Vxdg Adddisk Unix & Linux Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled Administration Monday, 6 January 2014 VERITAS DISK INITIALIZATION ====================Veritas disk admin=================== 1)to list disk -bash-4.1# vxdisk listDEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP

All partitions that are to be used as swap devices must be marked with the swap tag to be properly encapsulated. [13388] Protection of block 0 on disks Since the disk news invalid st_rdev devfsadm[6117]: verbose: mknod /devices/[email protected],700000:devctl 0l/3l/20600 devfsadm[6117]: verbose: removing node /devices/[email protected],700000:devctl. In particular, shared disk groups are marked disabled and no information about them is available during this time. Any existing version of the ASL is removed when VxVM is upgraded to 5.0. Vxdisk Man

LiveUpgrade LiveUpgrade does not currently work on a system that has its root disk encapsulated. Go to Solution. Resizing volumes with detached remote plexes If a volume in a Remote Mirror configuration has detached plexes at a remote site, you can use the following procedure to resize it: Turn have a peek at these guys SCRIPTING PART - 3 VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER : PLEX OPERATIONS VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER :SUBDISK OPERATIONS VERITAS VOLUMEMANAGER STRIPE-MIRROR AND MIRROR-STR...

Any partition used as a swap partition but not tagged as such is encapsulated as a file system. Vxdisk Clearimport Format each disk and label it first: # format san_vc0_5 format> label format> Proceed? By profession I am an UNIX Systems Administrator and have proven career track on UNIX Systems Administration.


Refer to the troubleshooting guide to clear them Right above in vxdisk list output you can see disk c1t2d0 has duplicate entries. Upgrade to the latest version of VEA and print again. [286476] VEA fails to display localized messages after installing language packages If the VEA is started without rebooting after a language If the system reboots before the grow or shrink of a layered volume completes, the volume is left with an intermediate layout. Vxprint Posted by Nilesh Joshi at 9/18/2012 01:16:00 AM No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive ► 2014 (2) ► March (1)

This allows commands to be executed on any node within the domain if the executing process has sufficient rights. Additionally, the install_lp command does not prompt the user to reboot after installing a language package. Autonomic Platform Next-Gen SAN - SvSAN Follow UnixArena Advertisement RSS Feed Subscribe to our email newsletter. Note fabric_79 and fabric_80 are the 2 new disks.

If this happens, the entire Veritas Volume Manager package must be reinstalled and a recover must be done manually by recreating the disks, disk groups, and volumes and restoring the data If this is a standalone server, then try below procedure... (if this is a cluster server, don't use below procedure) can you try this.... # mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/ (move Remove disks from vxdisk list and the underlying dmp devices # vxdisk rm fabric_79 # ls -la /dev/vx/*dmp/fabric_79* ### ensure this just lists the fabric_79 devices/slices # rm /dev/vx/*dmp/fabric_79* # ls It is possible that updates have been made to the original version after this document was translated and published.

invalid st_rdev devfsadm[6369]: verbose: mknod /devices/[email protected],700000:devctl 0l/3l/20600 devfsadm[6369]: verbose: removing node /devices/[email protected],700000:devctl. To configure a Sun StorEdge T3 or T3+ array as a JBOD of type A/P Stop all applications, such as databases, from accessing VxVM volumes that are configured on the array, Why don't miners get boiled to death at 4km deep? If its a 1.1T Lun, you might face issue in initializing it veritas, but atleast it should be visible to vx ....

If the system is subsequently rebooted with the unlabeled disks, DMP disabled path messages are also displayed for the unlabeled disks. This is because the joining node does not have any knowledge of the cluster configuration before the join takes place, and it attempts to use the primary path for I/O. Workaround: Add the following parameter to the JNI configuration file (jnic.conf): FcEnableContextSwitch = 1; Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager The Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager (SSTM) boot support feature that is available through The workaround is to refresh the page. [615960] Maximum volume size The maximum size for a volume is shown as 0 gigabytes if less than 1 gigabyte of storage is available

The space for the database must be allocated from the beginning or the end of the disk, with the exception of the root disk. will finish this off quickly, then go get a cup of coffee over some relax time" - Nope, I was wrong & wasn't lucky enough to find myself relaxing in office However, any 32-bit legacy applications that use system calls such as seek, lseek, read and write are limited to a maximum offset that is determined by the operating system. vxdisk [-f] [-r] init accessname [attribute …] Display disk summary vxdisk [-g diskgroup] list Display detailed information about the specified disks vxdisk [-g diskgroup] list accessname Display OS native name based

vxddladm is a command that resides in the sbin directory. When finding connected disks, VxVM checks slice 2 of a disk. Then see if format works properly and label the disks, or paste the output of echo | format here. As a result, the volume states can become inconsistent and a subsequent vxvol init command might fail.

The naming scheme that is in operation can be deduced from the output to the vxdisk list command. [611320] vxdiskadm displays error V-5-1-9764 when excluding devices The vxdiskadm operation displays error Consult the array documentation to verify that data preservation is supported. - It is possible to resize LUNs that are online but not part of any disk group.