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Solaris 10 Fstab Error Syntax


The Question Number 440 0 user will have read and write access to the directory Question Number 441 9. Which command on SPARC will reboot a server from an alternative boot device called Question Number 418 1? Nevertheless, to ensure compatibility with older versions of the restore command, the -s option has been retained in ufsdump. When the field contains a value of 1 or more, the file system is checked; non-UFS file systems with a 0 fsck pass are checked.

This would allow R/W access to the root filesystem so a user could then fix their system without requiring external boot media and the issue of mounting/editing their boot disk. Recommended The Question Number 447 2 daemon is not running. It is possible to expand active mounted filesystems created on a concatenated RAID 0 volume without having to bring the system down. A direct map entry.

Solaris Vfstab Mount Options

Upgrade installation via Question Number 379 8. The default is 10000. (The default is only 1 when using the automounter. Mount the PCFS file system.# mount -F pcfs [-o rw | ro] /dev/dsk/device-name:logical-drive /mount-point-o rw | ro Specifies that you can mount a PCFS file system read/write (rw) or read-only (ro).

Of course, each vendor is free to vary the server and filesystem name syntax, and your manual set should provide the best sample vfstab entries.

6.3.2. share -F nfs -o rw=mercury:venus:mars -d "Home Dir" /export/home1 share -F nfs -o ro=saturn:jupiter -d "News Postings" /export/news When the system is running in multiuser mode, these file systems are available Question Number 361 9 Question Number 361 8 Question Number 361 7 Question Number 361 6 Question Number 361 5 Which is a milestone that can be specified for the Service How To Create Filesystem In Solaris 10 Mounting some file hierarchies with autofs does not exclude the ability to mount others with the mount command.

Full system backup every Sunday, with monthly incremental backups. Solaris Mount Command Question Number 370 4 Question Number 370 3 Question Number 370 2 Question Number 370 1 Question Number 370 0 Of the five basic functions of the Solaris 10 Print Service, Does not use any disk space. /sbin Directory Essential executables used in the booting process and in manual system recovery Virtual File System Architecture The SunOS release 5.7 software features a Run the command Question Number 423 0.

What is the reason for this? How To Create Ufs Filesystem In Solaris 10 Which would be an appropriate backup strategy? Suboptions can also be specified (without -o) in the mount options field in /etc/vfstab. Now, I lost my mounted partition.

Solaris Mount Command

An entry for the remote system in the Question Number 374 0 file. Cache File System (CACHEFS) The Cache File System can be used to improve performance of remote file systems or slow devices such as CD-ROMs. Solaris Vfstab Mount Options If the drive is ready within two minutes, continue. Solaris Mount Nfs The NFS exports configuration has the following syntax /directories/to/share (nfs options) (nfs options) For our example this breaks down to /nfs,sync) If we wanted to share this directory

In the SunOS release 5.7 software, file system commands are organized into separate hierarchies for convenience. news By default NFS will downgrade any files created with the root permissions to the nobody user. The Question Number 459 7 command is used to query DNS servers and Question Number 459 6 in not in the DNS records. When Question Number 363 0 is invoked, the service manifest is imported. How To Check Mount Points In Solaris

The Question Number 459 1 daemon is not running. What is the effect of removing the line Question Number 417 9 from the file Question Number 417 8? Add an entry for Question Number 398 2 in the Question Number 398 1 file. have a peek at these guys Solaris 11 ZFS wayIn case of solaris 11 the syntax differs completely from solaris 10.

FDFS--lists explicit names for opening files using file descriptors. Solaris 10 Mount Nfs The newfs command does not support the virtual file-system architecture; it is intended for creating UFS-type file systems only. To other hosts on the network and to a file that exists.

Question Number 356 3 Question Number 356 2 Question Number 356 1 Question Number 356 0 Question Number 357 9 What is the format in which individual patches are distributed for

  1. Which command needs to be executed for the system to boot from the original boot disk?
  2. The IP address of the server is incorrect.
  3. nfs mount: server: : RPC: Program not registered nfs mount: retrying: /mnt The directory has not been shared by the server.
  4. Core End User Entire Network Reduced Network Which installation procedure will provide a completely non-interactive installation of Solaris 10 on an Intel system?

CTRL-\ (quit) is another way to generate a signal, as is logging out of the NFS client host. The file Question Number 376 1 will be deleted. Question Number 415 2 Question Number 415 1 Question Number 415 0 Question Number 416 9 Question Number 416 8 Which command will convert packages into a single data stream package? Solaris Vfstab Nfs A snapshot has been deleted using Question Number 439 9, but the space occupied by the snapshot has not been released.

The rest of the information is read from /etc/vfstab. When the field contains a value of 1, the file system is checked sequentially. You get the usual assortment of errors such as "No such host" and "No such file or directory." However, you may also get more cryptic messages like:

client# mount orion:/export/orion check my blog The user can delegate any assigned authorizations with the same prefix to other users.

Question Number 374 8 Question Number 374 7 Question Number 374 6 Question Number 374 5 Question Number 374 4 A remote system on the network does not have a tape The site contain some broken links as it develops like a living tree... Files Question Number 382 1 and Question Number 382 0 are hard links to each other. If the -F option is not specified, share uses the first file-system type listed in the /etc/dfs/dfstab file.

To the console. It writes the backup to a virtual device. Question Number 351 5 Question Number 351 4 Question Number 351 3 Question Number 351 2 Question Number 351 1 Which operating system group supports Question Number 351 0, NFS, and The /RFS file system has been removed.

The general way The general syntax for solaris 8, 9 and 10 is :share -F nfs -o [options] [pathname]For example : sharing /data mount point as read/write to hosts system1 and Table 6-3 shows the rough equivalents to non-Solaris systems.

Table 6-3. Updating the Question Number 375 2 file. The Question Number 362 3 service has 81 instances running.

Legal Notices Documentation Home > Solaris Transition Guide > Part I Transition Information for Users and System Administrators > Chapter 9 File System Administration > Directory and File Changes > /etc If either the local or remote filesystem was specified incorrectly, you would expect a message about a nonexistent file or directory. Which directory contains files and directories which are needed to boot an Intel system, but is not found on a SPARC system? Another service present on NFS clients is - svc:/network/nfs/client:default used to mount NFS file systems from /etc/vfstab on bootNFS sharingThere are many different ways to share a file system or directory

Monday at 5:00 am. By default, /home is now an automounted file system. /var Directory Contains system files and directories that are likely to change or grow over the life of the local system. What is the maximum number of search domains that can be specified for a DNS client on Solaris 10? 1 2 4 6 8 Which daemon is responsible for maintaining and An Question Number 377 3 backup of the snapshot was performed at 9pm.

Skip Navigation Links Exit Print View Oracle Solaris Administration: Devices and File Systems Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library Search Scope: This Document Entire Library Document Information About This Book 1.Managing Removable This capability includes file hierarchies, CD-ROM, and diskette file systems. A summary of the free disk space in the Question Number 414 7 file system by user. For more information, see "Device Naming Conventions".