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Softgrid Error 450260

I've been fighting with this for days and this was the one stop fix-it solution! Figure 2 - Type notepad plus a space and then paste the Local OSD File parameter. It performs the following: 1. Right-click the Content Virtual Directory and click Properties. 4.

Write-Host $CurrentDir=Read-Host "Enter the root directory for all OSD files" $OSD = $CurrentDir + '\*.OSD' $BAK = $CurrentDir + '\OSDBAK' $FLAG = $CurrentDir + '\OSDFlag.txt' #Flag this directory to preserve backups Jeśli widzieliście ekran startowy do instalacji pakietu Reply Anonymous says: October 28, 2016 at 1:10 am I was talking to App-V Support Engineer John Behneman the other day about some of When complete, click on I am Finished installing 21. Follow Best Practices for the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer : 2.

NOTE In my example below it is assumed that I am Sequencing the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Admin Console for the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Service Pack The bottom line is you may need to experiment to determine which install type (MNT or VFS) works best for the application. Toggle navigation Software Tips Questions Blogs Links Communities Questions & Answers SoftGrid: Solution to Error code: 450260-1F702639-00000002 SoftGrid: Solution to Error code: 450260-1F702639-00000002 shweta_kar How helpful is this to you? Hornbeck for their assistance and guidance during the process of creating this post.

  1. When the script runs correctly it will ask for the folder that is the root of all of your App-V files… usually X:\Content.
  2. The Client cannot launch two application in the same suite that use different settings files.
  3. If the application fails to launch correctly when you sequence it to Q: (MNT), please re-sequence the application by installing it to the C: drive.
  4. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3547.
  5. Advanced Virtualization Tips from VMware KACE: Microsoft App-V integration scripts for the K1000 now available!
  6. Answered 04/21/2009 by: Yuvaraj_Subramanian Please log in to comment Please log in to comment 0 He's not referring to Dynamic Suite Composition but this part of the OSD.
  7. This one walks you through how to create a crash dump in Microsoft Application Virtualization should you ever need to do so as guided by a Microsoft support engineer: ===== Symptoms

When trying to Sequence (virtualize) the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator’s Console, the resulting package will generate the following error and fail to run: MMC cannot initialize the snap-in Using streaming an application from a local OSD file rather than from the server. Home Pages Software Deployment Tips Questions Blog Posts Shared Links FAQ & Support Site FAQ AppDeploy FAQ About ITNinja Welcome Video Tour Contact Sitemap Share/Contribute © 2016 Dell Inc. Sign up!

Hornbeck · Comments OffFiled under: App-V, App-V 4.5, App-V 4.6, Sequencer, Visio There seems to be some confusion surrounding the licensing model used by Microsoft Visio and how it affects App-V Hornbeck · Comments OffFiled under: App-V, App-V 4.5, App-V 4.6, App-V 5.0, Troubleshoot Hello everyone, John Behneman here again. Click next and then Run ALL. 33. It is always a good policy to backup the OSD cache file before you start editing so you can return it to its original configuration should none of the edits resolve

My Target: text specifies VAppLauncher.exe and adding /exe cmd.exe doesn't seem to work. Microsoft makes no representations or warranties about the suitability or accuracy of the information contained in this post for any purpose. Find the Local OSD File: parameter on the General Tab and copy the parameter. If all you need to do is to gather diagnostic information (i.e.

If you rerun the above command and you remove VISIOPREM=1, App-V will launch the Professional Edition. Using TOOLS>Expand to Local System expands the package back to the original file structure on the Q: drive. Answers 0 I presume you already read this This script makes testing easier by modifying your .OSD files for you.

A.Restart the SoftGrid Client service. Sign up! It is possible that you may need to tweak more than one value to get some applications working. NOTE Before doing anything else, be sure you have the latest version of the App-V client.

To avoid this error, do not edit this field. This one talks about troubleshooting an issue where attempting to upgrade a package in Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) fails with error 04-0000180C: ===== Symptoms Attempting to upgrade a package in Microsoft Now under Edit Short Cut screen, right Click and edit the ConfigMgr Console. 24 Click on “Change Icon…” and browse to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\bin\i386\” and select “SETUP.EXE” 25. On the New Shortcut - Step 2 screen, click The Desktop for the location to place the shortcut.

Chances are you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you try these simple troubleshooting techniques before calling us for support. Optionally fix the issue Create a shortcut to an application Start by identifying an executable inside the package you are investigating. I was *NOT* able to telnet to either port.   This is what I did: (Note: I am currently remote from the testlab that has the server and the desktop pc I

Accept license agreement and Click Next. 11.

Inside the bubble, you should see a response like SFT_MNT=Q:. Jonathan Jordan | Senior Support Escalation Engineer Steve Bucci | Senior Support Escalation Engineer Get the latest System Center news on Facebook and Twitter: App-V Team blog: ConfigMgr Support Team Revert the machine to clean state and retry." Cause This is a known issue in this 4.6 SP1 release. but where is Thinstall?

Related Links Futurestate IT Inc. - AppRx Application Virtualization PackagingEvent 2012 - EMEA Edition Announcing User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) and App-V 5.0 App-V Error Codes App-V / SoftGrid Errors TMUrgent - Toggle navigation Software Tips Questions Blogs Links Communities Questions & Answers Softgrid Error 450260-0E806104-0000120A Softgrid Error 450260-0E806104-0000120A Yuvaraj_Subramanian How helpful is this to you? Thus, we can make the following modifications: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\UserInterface Change to the following: LaunchCommand "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sfttray.exe" /launch "" DDELaunchCommand"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sftdde.exe" "" " However, keep in mind have a peek at these guys Click on “Change Icon…” and browse to “C:\Windows” and select “hh” 29.

Answered 04/13/2009 by: VBScab Please log in to comment Please log in to comment 0 But this application does not have any dependancy. If you attempt to load from a local package, you may see an error similar to this: The SoftGrid Client could not load Adobe Reader 8 Select Install or Upgrade an Administrator Console and click Next. 10. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.