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Soft Error Mitigation Techniques


This is in contrast to package decay induced soft errors, which do not change with location.[5] As chip density increases, Intel expects the errors caused by cosmic rays to increase and For DLX processor, even under severe fault injection campaigns, SEM achieves an average performance improvement of 26.58% over a conventional triple modular redundancy voter, while STEM outperforms SEM by 27.42%.Do you For comparison, the count rate of a typical shoe's sole is between 0.1 and 10 cph/cm2. Mukherjee, S, "Architecture Design for Soft Errors," Elsevier, Inc., Feb. 2008. weblink

The effect is fairly small in any case resulting in a ±7% modulation of the energetic neutron flux in New York City. The inclusion of boron lowers the melt temperature of the glass providing better reflow and planarization characteristics. In these early devices, chip packaging materials contained small amounts of radioactive contaminants. This paper presents a low-overhead hardware-software collaborated method, called SENoC, to dy- namically mitigate soft errors on MPSoCs using an on-chip sensor network.

Soft Error Vs Hard Error

Computers operated on top of mountains experience an order of magnitude higher rate of soft errors compared to sea level. Using the results of ECIP, WTAGS characterizes the most sensitive gates to efficiently allocate the redundancy budget. rgreq-1987adb70b42b6ddd6112805bb0ad721 false Soft error From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Not to be confused with software error.

Retrieved 2015-03-10. ^ Reinhardt, Steven K.; Mukherjee, Shubhendu S. (2000). "Transient fault detection via simultaneous multithreading". The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2011) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) In electronics and computing, a soft error is a type of error where The concept of triple modular redundancy (TMR) can be employed to ensure very high soft-error reliability in logic circuits.

The failure of even a few products in the field, particularly if catastrophic, can tarnish the reputation of the product and company that designed it. Soft Error Rate Calculation Somani, "Low Overhead Soft Error Mitigation Techniques for High-Performance and Aggressive Designs", IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 61, no. , pp. 488-501, April 2012, doi:10.1109/TC.2011.31 FULL ARTICLE PDF HTML BUY RSS For applications in medical electronic devices this soft error mechanism may be extremely important. Our second technique, STEM, while tolerating soft errors, adds timing error detection capability to guarantee reliable execution in aggressively clocked designs that operate beyond worst-case clock frequency.

So, even a multi-cell upset leads to only a number of separate single-bit upsets in multiple correction words, rather than a multi-bit upset in a single correction word. Tsuchiya, H. In this context, this paper uses the concept of selective hardening, which is aimed to design reduced-overhead and flexible mitigation techniques. Full-text · Article · Dec 2013 Felipe Restrepo-CalleAntonio Martínez-ÁlvarezSergio Cuenca-AsensiAntonio Jimeno-MorenillaRead full-textHardware-Software Collaborated Method for Soft-Error Tolerant MPSoC"It uses checker processors to achieve runtime fault recovery.

Soft Error Rate Calculation

Highly reliable systems use error correction to correct soft errors on the fly. Cosmic ray flux depends on altitude. Soft Error Vs Hard Error The atomic reaction in this example is so tiny that it does not damage the physical structure of the chip. Sram Soft Error Rate CITATION Naga Durga Prasad Avirneni, Arun K.

Somani , Iowa State University , Ames ABSTRACT The threat of soft error induced system failure in computing systems has become more prominent, as we adopt ultradeep submicron process technologies. have a peek at these guys To maximize the performance of soft-error tolerant MPSoCs, a hybrid scheduling scheme is proposed to effectively manage applications and resources under uncertainties. Package radioactive decay usually causes a soft error by alpha particle emission. Radiation hardening is often accomplished by increasing the size of transistors who share a drain/source region at the node. Soft Errors In Memory

  1. If detected, a soft error may be corrected by rewriting correct data in place of erroneous data.
  2. SEM is also capable of ignoring false errors and recovers using in-situ fast recovery avoiding re-computation.
  3. Retrieved 2015-03-10. ^ Dan Goodin (2015-03-10). "Cutting-edge hack gives super user status by exploiting DRAM weakness".

More recent techniques propose selective hardening of the system, adding protection only to the most vulnerable hardware parts [22]; or reducing the performance degradation by applying partial redundant threading [23, 24]. Fazeli 3Department of Computer Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, IranAssistant Professor Published Issues 2016 Transactions on Civil Engineering Volume23 , Number1 Volume23 , Number2 Volume23 , Number3 Volume23 Therefore, it is advantageous to design for low SER when manufacturing a system in high-volume or requiring extremely high reliability. check over here The Community for Technology Leaders Toggle navigation Libraries & Institutions About Resources RSS Feeds Newsletter Terms of Use Peer Review Subscribe LOGIN CSDL Home IEEE Transactions on Computers 2012 vol.

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If all three masking effects fail to occur, the propagated pulse becomes latched and the output of the logic circuit will be an erroneous value.

We studied the new method on MPSoCs with different scales and tested it using typical embedded applications under different cosmic ray flux conditions. These often include the use of redundant circuitry or computation of data, and typically come at the cost of circuit area, decreased performance, and/or higher power consumption. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view Login SignUp Scientia Iranica Home Journal Information Guide for Authors Indexed by Transactions Transaction A Transaction Info Civil Engineering Three case studies have been developed to show the applicability and flexibility of the proposal.

Thermal neutrons are also produced by environmental radiation sources such as the decay of naturally occurring uranium or thorium. IBM Journal of Research and Development. doi:10.1145/545214.545227. Concludes that 1000–5000 FIT per Mbit (0.2–1 error per day per Gbyte) is a typical DRAM soft error rate.

Thus, designers are usually much more aware of the problem in storage circuits. A soft error will not damage a system's hardware; the only damage is to the data that is being processed. One experiment measured the soft error rate at the sea level to be 5,950failures in time (FIT) per DRAM chip. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Further, the increase in the solar flux during an active sun period does have the effect of reshaping the Earth's magnetic field providing some additional shielding against higher energy cosmic rays, SEM is also capable of ignoring false errors and recovers from soft errors using in-situ fast recovery avoiding recomputation. ISSN0163-5964. ^ Vijaykumar, T. English Keywords : Soft Error (SE); Single Event Transient (SET); Multiple Event Transient (MET); Single Event Upset (SEU); Single Event Multiple Upset (SEMU); Single Event Multiple Transient (SEMT).

These neutrons are moderated as they are scattered from the equipment and walls in the treatment room resulting in a thermal neutron flux that is about 40×106 higher than the normal The term 'multi-cell' is used for upsets affecting multiple cells of a memory, whatever correction words those cells happen to fall in. 'Multi-bit' is used when multiple bits in a single the prevalence of ECC RAM in server computers). Please try the request again.

Very low decay rates are needed to avoid excess soft errors, and chip companies have occasionally suffered problems with contamination ever since. This counterintuitive result occurs for two reasons. MTBF is usually given in years of device operation; to put it into perspective, one FIT equals to approximately 1,000,000,000/ (24× 365.25)= 114,077 times more than one-year MTBF. IBM. 40 (1): 19–40.

If the disturbance is large enough, a digital signal can change from a 0 to a 1 or vice versa. For instance, soft-error tolerant MPSoCs using SENoC archive on average 114.1% better performance than a latest traditional method, and SENoC only introduces 0.42% area overhead to a 256-core MPSoCs. This circuit will result in decreasing Soft Error Propagation Probability (SEPP) in combinational logic. Many of these bit-flips would probably be attributable to hardware problems, but some could be attributed to alpha particles.[1] Isaac Asimov received a letter congratulating him on an accidental prediction of

Hard figures for DRAM susceptibility are hard to come by, and vary considerably across designs, fabrication processes, and manufacturers. 1980s technology 256 kilobit DRAMS could have clusters of five or six Naturally occurring boron is 20% 10B with the remainder the 11B isotope. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.