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Soft Error Generation Analysis In Combinational Logic Circuits

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Your cache administrator is webmaster. London (1874 - 1925) Pure Appl. Mech. (2004 - present) Jpn. Energy, Part C Plasma Phys. (1959 - 1966) J.

Bin Zhang’s BDD based staticsoft error analysis tool is very fast [22]. Based on these models, wepropose an accurate and fast block-based SER analysis methodfor the combinational logic circuits.The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Section IIreviews related work; Section III Breath Res. (2007 - present) J.

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Soc. (1899 - 1932) Transl. Your cache administrator is webmaster. The computation error for pulse width can be aslarge as 30% if we do NOT include the overshoot (undershoot)model.TABLE IPULSE PROPAGATION COMPUTATION ERRORS AGAINST HSPICESIMULATION180nm # of stages 1 2 3 try here ELECTRICAL MASKING MODELING FORCOMBINATIONAL LOGIC CIRCUITSOur electrical masking model consists of the pulse gener-ation and the pulse propagation model.

Soft errors in memory can becorrected by ECC (Error Correcting Code) circuitry, and manyradiation harden techniques for memory cells or latches havebeen proposed [25] [10]. Fast and accurate analysis of soft error ratefor combinational logic circuits is the first step towards theeffort of finding efficient solutions [12].There are three masking effects that can prevent a transientpulse MorseReadData provided are for informational purposes only. Shima et al.

The results of our transient pulse generation analysis methodcompared to that of the HSPICE simulation for a relatively complex logiccircuit. Phys. Theor. Therefore, a compilation framework for CMPs should consider multiple factors during the optimization process.

In addition to the nonlinearproperties of the MOS transistor, both the stacking effects ofseries connected MOS transistors and the input patterns [22]have significant impact on the accuracy of the transient erroranalysis. check my blog Cosmol. Wang TABLE III FUNCTION OF BENCHMARK CIRCUITS CHOSEN FROM THE ISCAS'85 SUITE [6] "[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Concepts of effective sensitive area and effective SET pulse width are proposed to The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

  • In each iteration, the fault free circuit isfirst simulated, and the sensitive gates in the gate netlistare determined using the critical path tracing techniques[14] (Line 3).
  • IBM experiments in soft fails in computer electronics.
  • Mol.

E. Impact of CMOS technology scaling onthe atmospheric neutron soft error rate. Subscribe to this journal Corporate researchers and Institutional subscribers For corporate researchers we can also follow up directly with your R&D manager, or the information management contact at your company. Phys. (1998 - present) Nonlinearity (1988 - present) Nouvelle Revue d'Optique (1973 - 1976) Nouvelle Revue d'Optique Appliquée (1970 - 1972) Nucl.

Thus, the pulse waveform estimation, whichincludes the overshoot/undershoot effect, can be performed as:Vo(T + tstep) = Vo(T ) +Cmiller× δ Vi− Idrain× tstepCl(14)where δVi= (Vi(T + tstep) − Vi(T )) is Mater. Based on these models, we propose and validate thetransient pulse generation model and propagation model for softerror rate analysis.

In this paper, we present an analytical model for the determination of the shape of radiation-induced voltage glitches in combinational circuits.

For an accurate estimation of the SEU tolerance of a circuit, it is important to consider the effects of electrical masking. Chandrakasan, and B. On Computer-AidedDesign of Integrated Circuits and Systems, pages 1271–1279, October1994.[17] M. C: Solid State Phys. (1968 - 1988) J.

This transient pulse can propagate through logic gatesand finally be latched by a sequential element, resulting in asoft error [20]. Phys. We also model theparasitic capacitance using lookup tables. have a peek at these guys Opt.

Phys. (1987 - 2007) Chin. Phys. (1988 - present) J. Phys. In this paper, an analytical glitch generation model is proposed.

In our research, we usediscrete values of the waveform to approximate the transientpulse. Acad. Mater. On-line TestingSymposium.[18] J.

Thelatch window masking effect can be modeled as the function ofthe characteristics of the transient pulse at the latch input, thelatch window, and the clock period. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. This approach has been implemented and tested using four parallel array-based applications from the image/video processing domain. This is typically done by performing circuit simulations, which are slow.

Back to top Related content Journals Books Search About IOPscience Contact us Developing countries access IOP Publishing open access policy © Copyright 2016 IOP Publishing Terms & conditions Disclaimer Privacy & The pulse generated by our pulse generationmodel matches well with that of HSPICE simulation, and thepulse propagation model provides nearly one order of magnitudeimprovement in accuracy over the previous models. Using thesetwo models, we propose an accurate and efficient block-based softerror rate analysis method for combinational logic circuits.I.