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Socket Error 4120

By downloading and running the registry repair tool RegCure Pro, you can quickly and effectively fix this problem and prevent others from occuring. Simply click the links below for your free download. GGS-EVT-LOGR-LOGGING-ENABLED—1803 Cause: Logger enabled logging by request. This error can also occur when the Audserv program is improperly secured.

That's All! GGS-EVT-REP-WAIT-CRITICAL—281 Cause: Replicat has been waiting a significant amount of time for a file event (such as a RENAME or DUP) to occur. Error description Listener and channels stopped when the TCP/IP process was primaried to another CPU. If the problem is starting a TMFSERVE process, it may be necessary to FUP LICENSE TMFSERVE.

Action: Examine the discard record to determine what may have caused the mapping problem. Message can be informational, if records are available to use for positioning, or a warning, if records are not available. It's the conventional error message format employed by Microsoft Windows and also other Windows compatible driver and applications manufacturers.This type of code can be used from the supplier to recognize the Action: Examine the error number to determine the exact nature of the error (for example, a security violation or disk is full).

Action: Correct the application logic and rebind the user exit. If the problem continues, you have reached the maximum number of groups, which is 200. GGS-EVT-MGR-MADE-AUDIT-COPY—314 Cause: The Manager process made a backup copy of an audit trail file. Action: Dependent on the situation.

Resynchronization may be required. Used to trace processing activity. Re-establish the connection, if desired, with a call to connect or connect_nw. GGS-EVT-MAPPING-PROBLEM—222 Cause: A problem was encountered while mapping a source record to a target format.

Action: Information only. Action: Correct the issue or delete the Extract group and re-add it. Now my PC is much faster and more importantly I have stopped seeing this error! GGS-EVT-MGR-PROCESS-ABENDED—312 Cause: The Manager process is reporting that a process abended.

  1. Attempt to correct the error.
  2. So, from my experience, If you received a Socket Error 4120 message then there is a 97.5% chance that your computer has registry problems.
  3. Causes of the error: Windows Socket Error 4120 are caused by misconfigured system files.
  4. After spending countless hours on this stupid socket error 4120 problem I almost gave up.

Make sure the file is available or named correctly. GGS-EVT-REP-STARTED—302 Cause: The Replicat process started. Action: This is generally a tolerable condition that occurs when an update to a database record is followed by a delete. Informational.

Socket Error 4120 (ECONNRESET) is returned for OSS socket application when takeover occurs on conventional TCP/IP. Action: None. GGS-EVT-CHKPT-REC-CORRUPT—389 Cause: RESTARTCHECKPOINTS checkpoint metadata is no longer valid. Action: Manual re-synchronization (such as reload) may be required.

Action: Restart the Extract program. Action: If the error is "Connection Refused," start an Extract Collector process on the remote system. Call connect or connect_nw to reestablish the connection. check over here Retry the write or send call.

Error Dll File Exe File May i know the perfect solution resolve System Error 4120 Applies To: Windows 10 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP GGS-EVT-SYNC-DUP-FILE-ERR—253 Cause: Syncfile failed to duplicate the file. Action: None.

Please try the request again.

Get Your PC Running Normal Again in Under 10 Minutes Filed in Windows Socket Error 4120 on Problem with Socket Error 4120? Action: Correct the problem and restart Replicat. How Did I Get This Error? Action: None.

GGS-EVT-REP-ABEND—191 Cause: The Replicat process is ending abnormally. The problem occured right after tonights power down (shutdown -h now) and restart. Informational: GGS INGO 387 Positioning for Begin time search, using \NODE.$VOL.SUBVOL.AA000001. this content GGS-EVT-ABNORMAL-STOP—233 Cause: The user entered a STOP command from GGSCI using FORCESTOP.

Action: None. Tokens: GGS-TKN-FILE GGS-TKN-GUARDIAN-ERR GGS-EVT-AUDIT-READ—104 Cause: Issued when an error is encountered while reading a TMF audit trail. GGS-EVT-EXT-ABEND—190 Cause: The Extract process is ending abnormally. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Information only. My PC is now running much faster and is far more reliable. The PCT LEFT indicates the amount of audit remaining before TMF purges data that Extract has not yet processed. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Processing resumes at the next transaction. Action: Examine the error message to determine the exact nature of the error. Indicates that processing has resumed normally after problem correction. Action: Extract will try to re-send the data.

Follow the steps below to cure this problem. Action: Reopen the remote socket using the open, bind, and accept calls. GGS-EVT-EXT-STOP-USER—307 Cause: Extract processing was terminated from GGSCI by a user. Action: None.

no more errors and officially back in action. GGS-EVT-REP-NEW-COLUMN—330 Cause: Generated when Replicat replicates an ADD COLUMN statement to the target database. The majority of all those problems may have numerous possible causes also.