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QAbstractSocket::NetworkError7An error occurred with the network (e.g., the network cable was accidentally plugged out). This section covers..., Shellcode, Porting, and Coding: Reverse Engineering Exploits and Tool Coding for Security ProfessionalsMy libraryHelpAdvanced Book SearchBuy eBook - $41.04Get this book in printSyngressAmazon.comBarnes&Noble.comBooks-A-MillionIndieBoundFind in a libraryAll sellers»Sockets, Shellcode, Not satisfied Very satisfied What can we do to improve your experience? Is this because of the cost or the fear that things will not be compatible? -Erik answered Feb 26, 2007 by egawtry Veteran of the Digi Community (347 points) Please log

This feature is commonly used by proxy connections for virtual connection settings. This condition usually indicates some software error, but may also mean that some process was not running because of misconfiguration. 178 13 Software error An internal software error occurred. The function xn_set_server_list needs to be called to set up a list of servers to send DNS requests to. This option does not affect the QIODevice or QAbstractSocket buffers.

Socket Error Codes Linux

Use SIP debug tools to help in troubleshooting. 127 22 Hold/Retrieve Timeout A call was placed on hold with a configurable timer started, and a timeout occurred for the retrieve operation. On Windows, this option uses the SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE socket option. can that be an issue? QAbstractSocket::SocketResourceError4The local system ran out of resources (e.g., too many sockets).

Search returned no results. ERTNOTFOUND (136)Routing Table entry not found. The IEC is not included in syslog-accounting records. How To Use Errno The acceptable QoS for audio was not best effort, and remote minimum QoS was provided, not best effort. 184 74 RSVP fail treat abort Received RSVP failure and QoS treatment specifies

See also setSocketState() and setErrorString(). [virtual] void QAbstractSocket::setSocketOption(QAbstractSocket::SocketOption option, const QVariant &value) Sets the given option to the value described by value. Errno Example Member Function Documentation QAbstractSocket::QAbstractSocket(SocketType socketType, QObject *parent) Creates a new abstract socket of type socketType. Maybe you have an idea for another problem from us. Error Codes The Error Code field of the IEC dotted-decimal string value indicates the subsystem-defined error code.

ETNOSUPPORT (141)Type not supported. Errno C++ If this error occurs, increase CFG_ARPCLEN. Note: It is not possible to initialize two abstract sockets with the same native socket descriptor. Note: This function may fail randomly on Windows.

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Starting with Cisco IOS Release 12.4(4)T, the capability was expanded so that gatekeeper-detected errors that cause the gateway to release or refuse a call are covered. Coding – The ability to program and script is quickly becoming a mainstream requirement for just about everyone in the security industry. Socket Error Codes Linux This error is detected when an address to connect to is invalid, i.e. Linux Errno 22 When I got this error, I got rid of the internal pipes from thread to thread using port which got rid of the issue, but I don't think that that will

This error is reported by xn_rt_del when the requested entry to delete is not in the routing table. In most cases, you do not need to call this function, because QAbstractSocket will start sending data automatically once control goes back to the event loop. A possible cause may be the signaling interface required to support the call has already been administratively shut down. 187 21 SIP interworking error The CCSIP subsystem provides IEC information depending All errno values are defined in header file Rtipapi.h. Errno.h In C

This condition usually indicates an internal software error. 180 10 Invalid State An unexpected event was received while in a state that was inappropriate for processing such an event. 180 11 This function was introduced in Qt 4.6. QAbstractSocket::SocketState is not a registered metatype, so for queued connections, you will have to register it with Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() and qRegisterMetaType(). check over here bool QAbstractSocket::bind(const QHostAddress &address, quint16 port = 0, BindMode mode = DefaultForPlatform) Binds to address on port port, using the BindMode mode.

The script may choose to ignore the error, or it can opt to terminate the call, specifying this IEC, media_done_err, as the reason for the disconnect. 181 37 Digit collect failed Errno To String From the gatekeeper perspective, the second call leg is the terminating gateway (Gateway 2) call leg. This enum value has been introduced in Qt 5.3. QAbstractSocket::ReceiveBufferSizeSocketOption6Sets the socket receive buffer size in bytes at the OS level.

If you need a socket, you have two options: Instantiate QTcpSocket or QUdpSocket.

WLAN Driver Copyright © 1996,2016 On Time virtsync errno.h - C Error Codes in Linux All the Linux/C error codes are listed below. In this instance there is no indication to the Voice Telephony Service Provider (VTSP) layer and no creation of a call-leg or call-history record, so no IEC is generated. This condition usually indicates an internal software error. 180 10 Invalid state An unexpected event was received while in a state that was inappropriate for processing such an event. 180 11 Errno 0 Consider using the event loop and the connected() signal if your software will run on Windows.See also connectToHost() and connected(). [virtual] bool QAbstractSocket::waitForDisconnected(int msecs = 30000) Waits until the socket has

If an error occurs at any stage, error() is emitted. Close Versions Loading... Alex answered Feb 27, 2007 by alexp New to the Community (3 points) Please log in or register to add a comment. 0 votes You do NOT want to port it this content Here are some similar questions that might be relevant: SocketException on Windows XP home edition on connect: an invalid argument was supplied Socket Error 10060 while connecting to IO Modules Socket

Use Enter to open the page. The buffer containing the PPP packet was invalid. You can call this function in a subclass of QAbstractSocket to change the return value of the peerPort() function after a connection has been established. This function was introduced in Qt 4.1.

the parameter to connect struct sockaddr * is NULL or the IP address or port number in struct sockaddr * is 0. This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.0. Note: On Windows Runtime, QAbstractSocket::KeepAliveOption must be set before the socket is connected.This function was introduced in Qt 4.6. In some scenarios, multiple errors may be encountered for a particular call leg; for example, multiple attempts to connect to an alternate endpoint.

By default QNetworkProxy::DefaultProxy is used, which means this socket will query the default proxy settings for the application. The callReleaseSource is communicated as an enumerated value. void QAbstractSocket::setProxy(const QNetworkProxy &networkProxy) Sets the explicit network proxy for this socket to networkProxy.