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Smtp Server Response 501 Syntax Error Unbalanced Angle Brackets

Do not add all domain prefixes of the hostname to class 'w'. CONFIG: Make it possible to unset the StatusFile option by undefining STATUS_FILE. LIBMILTER: Remove superfluous backslash in macro definition (libmilter.h). Code: View 5 Replies View Related Set Up An SMTP Server On System? "; [code]....Right. navigate here

Fix a potential race condition caused by a signal handler for terminated child processes. LIBMILTER: The MTA did not offer SMFIF_SETSYMLIST during option negotiation. Charles Stover - Contact - flash games The Dark Knight Portrait on the Wall Hope is a dangerous thing. Problem noted by Stefan Roehrich. over here

Patch from David F. CONFIG: Add a new access DB value of QUARANTINE:reason which instructs the check_* (except check_compat) to quarantine the message using the given reason. Problem noted by David F. Set DontBlameSendmail to AssumeSafeChown and GroupWritableDirPathSafe for OSTYPE(darwin).

  1. Enable connection caching for LPC mailers.
  2. Problem noted by Neil Rickert of Northern Illinois University.
  3. in * 1.4 as it seemed that not including the name would not solve the problem ???+----------------------------------------+On the V 1.4 issue ...
  4. After registring the new user is getting an e-mail maid by an php script.
  5. Patch from Sean Boudreau of QNX Software Systems.
  6. VACATION: Add new flag -R to specify the envelope sender address for the auto-response message.
  7. Add optional protection from open proxies and SMTP slammers which send SMTP traffic without waiting for the SMTP greeting.
  8. Patch from Oleg Bulyzhin of Cronyx Plus LLC.

Suggested by James Carlson of Sun Microsystems. The email is sent without any problem. Reported by Carl Byington of 510 Software Group. Properly count the number of queue runners in a work group and make sure the total limit of MaxQueueChildren is not exceeded.

Problem noted by Robert Stampfli. Patch from Peng Haitao. Please contact the site admin, if the problem persists. recommended you read See doc/op/ for more information.

I want to be able to use php mail() to submit emails from the webserver to the mail server.

i have tried different settings, but most of the settings New option for LDAP maps: the -w option allows you to specify the LDAP API/protocol version to use. Fix a potential non-exploitable buffer overflow in parsing the .cf queue settings and potential buffer underflow in parsing ident responses. Patch from Brian Fundakowski Feldman.

Problems found by Phil Brass of ISS. Increase the length of an input line to 12288 to deal with really long lines during SMTP AUTH negotiations. what could be wrong with the following code? Patch from Andrzej Filip.

This has been disabled as it was not intended. Delivery-Receipt-To: is apparently used by SIMS (Sun Internet Mail System). Notes: - header field names are still restricted to 7 bit. - RFC 2822 allows only 7 bit (US-ASCII) characters in headers. Problem noted by Ken Jones; patch from Hajimu UMEMOTO.

Do not attempt AAAA (IPv6) DNS lookups if IPv6 is not enabled in the kernel. Please contact the site admin, if the problem persists. Patch from Christophe Wolfhugel of France Telecom Oleane. his comment is here If MaxDaemonChildren is set and a command is repeated too often during a SMTP session then terminate it just like it is done for too many bad SMTP commands.

Faq Reply With Quote May 3rd, 2009,07:54 PM #2 No Profile Picture NotionCommotion View Profile View Forum Posts  Contributing User Devshed Regular (2000 - 2499 posts)    If any traffic is received before then, a 554 SMTP response is sent and all SMTP commands are rejected during that connection. New Files: cf/ostype/dragonfly.m4 devtools/OS/DragonFly include/sm/os/sm_os_dragonfly.h Deleted Files: libsm/vsscanf.c 8.13.1/8.13.1 2004/07/30 Using the default AliasFile ldap: specification would cause the objectClasses of the LDAP response to be included in the alias expansion.

Problem noted by Nelson Fung.

NetBSD can use sysctl(3) to get the number of CPUs in a system. Privacy Policy Skoll. Otherwise an SMTP session might be dropped after an AUTH failure.

Call check_relay with the value of ${client_name} to deal with bogus DNS entries. Support for UNICOS/mk and UNICOS/mp added, some changes for UNICOS. Based on patch by Ralf Hornik. weblink libphclient is version 1.2.x by default, if version 1.1.x is required then compile with -DNPH_VERSION=10100.