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For example, the following email address will definitely give an SMTP Error 501 with most mail servers, happy\[email protected], as “\” is not allowed in email addresses, which makes this email address Heh, I don't care. The MX record is only necessary for mail reception. If an authentication is needed, you should enter your username and password.504A command parameter is not implemented.Like error 501, is a syntax problem; you should ask your provider.510/511Bad email address.One of Check This Out

Vaudreuil IESG X.4.1 No answer from host 451 The outbound connection attempt was not answered, because either the remote system was busy, or was unable to take a call. By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners. This condition may result when an ESMTP gateway supports 8bit transport but is not able to downgrade the message to 7 bit as required for the next hop. [RFC3463] (Standards Track) This is useful only as a persistent transient error. [RFC3463] (Standards Track) G.

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Logged Print Pages: [1] 2 All Go Up « previous next » Simple Machines Community Forum » SMF Support » SMF 1.1.x Support » Topic: SMTP error 501 when sending e-mails I haven't made any changes to our server configuration yet. Register Hereor login if you are already a member E-mail User Name Password Forgot Password? I just swing at the balls that the pitcher throws.

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  • The message originator needs to decide whether to reissue the message without RRVS protection. [RFC7293] (Standards Track) M.
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  • This code is only useful for permanent failures. [RFC3463] (Standards Track) G.

It's the typical response to the DATA command.The server has received the "From" and "To" details of the email, and is ready to get the body message.420"Timeout connection problem": there have Thanks. Vaudreuil IESG X.5.2 Syntax error 500, 501, 502, 550, 555 A mail transaction protocol command was issued which could not be interpreted, either because the syntax was wrong or the command Smtp Error 421 Vaudreuil IESG X.3.5 System incorrectly configured Not given The system is not configured in a manner that will permit it to accept this message. [RFC3463] (Standards Track) G.

We'll let you know when a new response is added. Sometimes it's just a response containing a detail about the server or an answer to a command. Logged Deprecated SMF Hero Posts: 3,494 Gender: Re: SMTP error 501 when sending e-mails « Reply #6 on: October 07, 2008, 09:10:08 PM » There ordinarily isn't any settings there unless By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners.

Kucherawy IESG X.7.22 No valid author-matched DKIM signature found 550 This status code is returned when a message contains one or more passing DKIM signatures, but none are acceptable because none Smtp 421 Service Not Available Get Started Skip Tutorial Documentation Splunkbase Answers Wiki Blogs Developers Sign Up Sign in FAQ Refine your search: Questions Apps Users Tags Search Home Answers ask a question Badges Tags You must ask the recipient to whitelist you.550It usually defines a non-existent email address on the remote side.Though it can be returned also by the recipient's firewall (or when the incoming If we switch to SMTP instead of PHP (default) and we change the server to, it works just fine.

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Delany IESG Home Community Download Customize Modifications Themes Patches Support Function Database Online Manual About Contribute Development Please login or register. 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month Forever Login Vaudreuil IESG X.7.7 Message integrity failure Not given A transport system otherwise authorized to validate a message was unable to do so because the message was corrupted or altered. Smtp Error Codes 550 It's kewl! Smtp Error Code 554 Vaudreuil IESG X.7.5 Cryptographic failure Not given A transport system otherwise authorized to validate or decrypt a message in transport was unable to do so because necessary information such as key

Right now, we're setup to send using "PHP (default)." In the error logs, this is the error we get:Quote2: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid AddressFile: C:\wamp\www\Sources\Subs-Post.phpLine: 664If his comment is here This may be useful as a permanent, transient persistent, or successful delivery code. [RFC3463] (Standards Track) G. Vaudreuil IESG X.5.4 Invalid command arguments 451, 501, 502, 503, 504, 550, 555 A valid mail transaction protocol command was issued with invalid arguments, either because the arguments were out of Klensin IESG X.7.15 Priority Level is too low 450, 550 (other 4XX or 5XX codes are allowed) The specified priority level is below the lowest priority acceptable for the receiving SMTP Smtp Error Codes Rfc

Can you past in any other informaiton - remove names but keep non alpha numeric charactors 11,095 pointsBadges: report torchardy Sep 1, 2016 2:12 PM GMT You are telling us Home Help Search Login Register Advertisement: Simple Machines Community Forum » SMF Support » SMF 1.1.x Support » Topic: SMTP error 501 when sending e-mails « previous next » Print Pages: I really don’t understand it. this contact form Vaudreuil IESG X.3.2 System not accepting network messages 453, 521 The host on which the mailbox is resident is not accepting messages.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Smtp 240 Vaudreuil IESG X.4.6 Routing loop detected Not given A routing loop caused the message to be forwarded too many times, either because of incorrect routing tables or a user- forwarding loop. Kucherawy IESG X.7.23 SPF validation failed 550 This status code is returned when a message completed an SPF check that produced a "fail" result, contrary to local policy requirements.

We have a dedicated host, so we can install whatever we want on the server to make it work.Quote from: Deprecated on October 07, 2008, 08:01:23 PMJust FYI, to save everybody

For Internet mail names, this means the address portion to the right of the "@" is invalid for mail. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Siemborski, A. Smtp Error 451 Please try the request again.

Some go out of the park, some go over my head. Reply codes in numerical order Code Meaning 200 (nonstandard success response, see rfc876) 211 System status, or system help reply 214 Help message 220 Service ready 221 Service closing Search Error sending mail - (501, 'Syntax error in parameters or arguments', '[email protected]') 1 Hi, trying to setup alerting, alert is hit however fails - I've configured this via UI. navigate here thereby updating [RFC4468]. [RFC5248] (Best current practice) T.

The general semantics imply that the individual recipient may not be able to delete material to make room for additional messages. Please help.. email address) were not valid. Vaudreuil IESG X.1.9 Message relayed to non-compliant mailer Not given The mailbox address specified was valid, but the message has been relayed to a system that does not speak this protocol;

Vaudreuil IESG X.5.1 Invalid command 430, 500, 501, 503, 530, 550, 554, 555 A mail transaction protocol command was issued which was either out of sequence or unsupported. Check the RFC index for further mail-related RFCs. Of course, with a professional SMTP provider like turboSMTP you won't ever deal with this issue.552"Requested mail actions aborted – Exceeded storage allocation": simply put, the recipient's mailbox has exceeded its This is typically done by authenticating once using the [PLAIN] authentication mechanism.

This informs the client that the failure is permanent until the user contacts their system administrator to get the account re-enabled. Really, though, thanks for the help you've given me so far.