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Sms Error Cause Code 64 Error Class 2 Verizon

Jul 6, 2011 #2 TheFrigz Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter Joined: Jul 2, 2011 Messages: 82 Likes Received: 17 doesn't my post say that i've tried both of those? Hopefully that works for you. You need the "turn your phone into an evo 3d"" thread in the root forum. Was this answer helpful?

Quote: Originally Posted by dadoc04 ayy viper... Error code 64 appears to be possible Radio Interference. MSID: Should be number AT will tell you you should have. If you see this message during a text most of the time I cannot make a call either. see this here

EDIT-I've been reading up and apparently a lot of EVO 4G users were having trouble with their Airaves..seems strange that it wouldnt be fixed for the 3D, and also strange that You are a lifesaver! Then your SMS bug should be gone. SMS ERROR: Cause Code: 95 / Error Class: 3 Verizon HTC Droid DNA Unlocked location: - date: February 9, 2013 I recently purchase a Verizon HTC Droid DNA Unlocked from

  1. Today, out of the blue, I am getting: The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error.
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  3. I already tried it once and the problem came back the next day.
  4. Sep 22, 2012 #22 metal571 Well-Known Member Joined: May 8, 2012 Messages: 517 Likes Received: 74 I gave up on VM for this reason...if you know anyone who wants my EVO
  5. It is offensive or harmful.
  6. Ill post again tomorrow if I notice any difference Oct 11, 2011 #25 (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) Show Ignored Content Page 1 of 2
  7. Jul 10, 2011 #11 TheFrigz Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter Joined: Jul 2, 2011 Messages: 82 Likes Received: 17 Is it relevant to mention that we use an airave in our
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I unplugged my airave.... Cause Code 97, Error Class 3. I would do that if i lived in a state/city that didnt really have that much of a connection but my State is about 85% covered and the city i live Jul 7, 2012 #19 wmcmillenjr New Member Joined: Sep 22, 2012 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 metal571 said: ↑ Hey guys try this fix for the error 64 class 2.

I'm sure that will work better, since there is better overall connection And from what i'm hearing sounds like a good idea. Should you upgrade to the Google Pixel from the Nexus 5X? I'dink this to you, but I'm on the XDA App Appreciate my help? Forgot the guy's name, wish I could give him credit here.

Just wondering, are you connected to an airave? I don't know why. cause code 64 error class 2? Gotta go back to that area today so we'll see.

I unplug the airave, and no problems for numerous days. Re: Text and Calling Issues Yes! What was actually happening, and couldnt be fixed but updates, that led me to suspect the Airrave was that my Weather widget was reading that I was in Warner NH when Leading TodayPtsHelpful1.mikemanga60076%2.cutepai400100%3.Janvi123440097%4.Eidelmann40066%5.Arbi2k40083%6.todnih40074%7.earose20140073%8.k0ny0tiks20062%9.krizmae1820075%10.chewiehop20093%11.app_scope20097%12.lolitapos20068%13.Reena520098%14.happachic20075%15.doneepett200100%Leading this WeekPtsHelpful1.Arbi2k280083%2.mikemanga240076%3.Janvi1234120497%4.SlimingCh100074%5.SWATINITI100098%6.vhie100068%7.suraj101g100098%8.haize1021100073%9.ceejhey2280069%10.macsam14380098%11.todnih80074%12.kfa1380072%13.shadowgho80083%14.nikhil.pa60092%15.Pochie20060068%16.radagast60077%17.chewiehop60093%18.elmar0160069%19.rhiana_2160064%20.805371234400100%Leading this MonthPtsHelpful1.Arbi2k780083%2.SWATINITI500098%3.macsam143440098%4.haize1021360073%5.shadowgho340283%6.suraj101g320098%7.Janvi1234292297%8.Khalel260076%9.Pochie200240068%10.akosiars220086%11.mikemanga200076%12.heiresska200072%13.annaandy6200094%14.nikhil.pa200092%15.earose201180073%16.kfa13160272%17.todnih160074%18.https://w160084%19.sam_5cute140073%20.sameerkha140099%21.Eidelmann140066%22.ait2140084%23.akki.sunn1201100%24.radagast120077%25.mahbabe_11200100%