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Sms Error 98 Message Id 39

He receives the half messages from me with half of an older message after it. Please try later. 449 Number un-routable. The number of actual characters depends on the encoding, as follows: 153 characters for 7-bit encoding (Latin-1 and GSM) 134 characters for 8-bit encoding (Binary) 67 characters for 16-bit encoding (Unicode) I went everywhere, no answer. have a peek here

You don't have to use them but doing so will give your system a competitive advantage - so take advantage. This tag block contains header information elements. AccountName This is required. Mblox operates two HTTP servers to support the XML interface, providing full 2n redundancy at the network level. And if one fix of mine first problem (not received sms with more 160 character) allready done, could you give it to me? (im sorry with my english it's hard to

Do not retry. 43C Invalid ContentType. Dec 21, 2011 #32 davidf%[email protected] Here's the relevant part of the source code from what I can work out: For background, see So basically the Android source code Untitled-1.png 398 KB View Download Jan 14, 2013 #160 [email protected] Really hope this issue can be resolved soon. its the new 5.09 OS for blackberry conflicting with OS 6. ****in bull**** but itll fix itself..

I thinks this 2 problems is linked. I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 , Android 4.0.4 Nov 19, 2012 #146 [email protected] Great job, David (comment 117)! This issue needs to be addressed and put under the spot light. Armed with this I decdided on experimenting with limiting my conversation size.

secuirty settings already clicked to accept unknown sources?How to fix google play store error 110 in android smartphone (unknown error code 110):?