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You should not edit the registry or the TSM.PWD file. Using trace to resolve problems . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 | Trace classes for the Administration Center . . . vii Tivoli Storage Manager publications . . . . . The Administration Center is installed separately and is not included in the reporting and monitoring installation. navigate here

Error code: 13001. Thanks, Himanshu Read All 4 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.19 DB:3.19:Run Snapdrive For Unix From Protection Manager? Let us know Support Community Training Contact Community turn on suggestions Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by New for the server in Version 6.2 Tivoli Storage Manager server Version 6.2 contains many new features and changes.

Snapdrive Failed To Apply The Transport Protocol Settings

Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search ANS1626E Snapshot differential backup fails with error 13001 TSM netapp net app snap diff snapdiff filer ANS1626E MSGANS1626E Technote Root cause: SMO-11004: Error creating Snapshot copy: EXE-00002: Timeout of 0:05:00.000 occurred while executing command: /usr/sbin/snapdrive snap create -vg smfopocvg -snapname smo_osm01p_profile_osm01p_f_c_1_8a95909a3f396be5013f396becfe0001_0 -unrelated --[ INFO] SMO-07108: Deleting backup control file "/home/oradata/ora_smg/OSM01P/ctrl_redo04/SMOBakCtl_1371057988097_0". Error code: 13001. Persistent mount cannot be supported without a partition--[ERROR] FLOW-11010: Operation transitioning to abort due to prior failure.--[ INFO] SD-00016: Discovering storage resources for /data05/oradata/TCLOMNG2.--[ WARN] FLOW-11011: Operation aborted--[ERROR] FLOW-11008: Operation failed:

SnapManager backup finished with the following result: *****BACKUP DETAIL SUMMARY*****Backup group set #1: Backup SG/DB [First Storage Group] Error: Failed to verify physical integrity of the databases.Backup SG/DB [Second Storage Group] Resolving problems with the Tivoli Storage Manager reporting and monitoring feature . . . . . . . 179 | | Resolving Warehouse Proxy workspace reporting problems . . . . Resolving errors during AIX JFS2 snapshot-based backup-archive and image backup . . . . . . Error description: Specified source volume is not being moved..03/09-18:33:15.897 PID:1332 TID:3164 [email protected] Calling1 HTTP in filer03/09-18:33:15.897 PID:1332 TID:3164 [email protected] The 'volume-move-status' ZAPI is being called.03/09-18:33:15.897 PID:1332 TID:3164 [email protected] An attempt to

Any updates that have been made to the information since the previous edition are marked with a vertical bar ( | ) in the left margin. | | | | | IBM Support Assistant helps you gather support information when you need to open a problem management record (PMR), which you can then use to track the problem. For example, suppose that you migrate all the data in your primary random-access disk storage pool nightly and then back up your primary storage pools. Receiving notification of product fixes You can receive notifications about fixes, flashes, upgrades, and other news about IBM products.

Not sure why you're getting it in w2k3 and not w2k8 but there has been recent activity that had issues with w2k3 ESX 4.1 Perhaps a difference in drivers used? There are a number of server options that are used to manage the interaction between the client and server. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager troubleshooting and tuning publications Publication title IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client Messages and Application Programming Interface Return Codes IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server Messages and Error Codes Additional information for ANSnnnnx messages is available in either the Client Messages and Application Programming Interface Return Codes or from the client HELP facility.

  • Error code: 13001.
  • creating snapshot via snapdrive on one linux system # snapdrive snap create -vg VG_ERQ_SOFT -snapname test Starting snap create /dev/mapper/VG_ERQ_SOFT WARNING: DO NOT CONTROL-C!
  • From this Web site, you can search the current Tivoli Storage Manager documentation.
  • Once you get things working please share what and how, I think this idea of central snapdrive mgnt is good.
  • You want to use collocatebyfilespec so that all filespec data is stored on as few tapes as possible, which will enhance restore processing because fewer tape mounts are needed.
  • Cause Lack of Unicode filename support from Snapshot Difference API with NetApp Data Ontap 7.3.0 through 7.3.2 and NetApp Data Ontap 8.0 prevents the Tivoli Storage Manager client from processing the
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  • The type of contract that you need depends on the type of product you have.

Snapdrive All Cluster Nodes Must Be Running To Perform This Operation

jx Dear NetApp Gurus, Tried to create a new LUN keep getting the error: "Snap-in not responding..." FYI: The envirement WinServ2008 R2 Enterprice Snap Drive for Windows 6.3 Host Utility 5.3 weblink The following example displays the INCLEXCL options: 4 IBM Tivoli Tivoli Storage Manager: Problem Determination Guide Option -----------INCLEXCL INCLEXCL INCLEXCL Sequence number -------0 1 2 Override -------No No No Option Value Snapdrive Failed To Apply The Transport Protocol Settings LAN-free restore operations: setting the IDLETIMEOUT option. . . . . . . . . . Snapdrive Transport Protocol Is Not Set To Connect The Storage System Changes are periodically made to the information herein.

Enabling Administration Center trace . . . . . Resolving Tivoli Storage Manager client problems . . . . . . . 1 Examining error messages . . . . . . . . . . 1 Examining the server Read All 2 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.51 DB:3.51:"Failed On Physical Path" After Creating Rdm Lun Via Snapdrive jj All, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue that i'm noticing after i create Lawsuit Alleging Insider Trading Against Galleon Group, et alNyag v Intel Complaint FinalS.E.C.'s Amended Complaint in the Galleon CaseArizona Engineer Spring 200513-02-11 Oracle v Google Appeal BriefBMO CM Basic Points Sep Failed To Get Data Ontap Version Running On The Storage System

Error code: 13001. is this where the problem lies? Thank you in advance. Thanks, THE QUESTION HAS BEEN SOLVED | SEE THE SOLUTION DB:3.01:Snapdrive Does Not Work s8 I don't know why but, yesterday I disconnect a virtual machine connected to the cluster by

Error description: Specified source volume is not being moved..03/09-18:33:15.897 PID:1332 TID:3164 [email protected] Calling1 HTTP in filer03/09-18:33:15.897 PID:1332 TID:3164 [email protected] The 'volume-move-status' ZAPI is being called.03/09-18:33:15.912 PID:1332 TID:3164 [email protected] An attempt to Read All 3 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.89 DB:3.89:Snap-In Not Responding? For this guide, these are provided only to aid in diagnosing and debugging any problems.

Here is an excerpt from the SME logs.

To share your experiences and learn from others in the Tivoli Storage Manager user community, go to the Tivoli Storage Manager wiki at developerworks/wikis/display/tivolistoragemanager. | | | | Using IBM Smo creates snapshots on the primary without any problem but no snapshots is created/transfered to the secondary. Commands involving LUNs should fail. In IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.2, the Administration Center cannot be installed on an HP-UX server.

Tivoli Storage Manager storage agent publications (continued) Publication title IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for SAN for Windows Storage Agent User's Guide Table 4. In addition, multiple client sessions and server processes (for example, a client restore operation and an export node operation) can read the same volume concurrently. Resolving problems with EFS on AIX . . . . . weblink Creating the LUN5.

Anyone see this type of behaviour and what could be done to resolve it? Resolving a data storage problem that occurs only for a specific volume . . . . . . . . IBM might make improvements and changes in the products and the programs described in this publication at any time without notice. Regards Solved!

Determining the source of a message . . . . . . Resolving Tivoli Storage Manager server command-definition file problems . . . . . . . These trace facilities and diagnostic tools are not a programming interface for the product. Let us know Support Community Training Contact Community turn on suggestions Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by

So I started a new backup and told it to create a Backup Copy immediately, which failed because of the pending jobs in the backup copy. The issue comes when you want to restore (or even just mount a snapshot). You can try to change the communication protocol for that storage system to HTTP/ HTTPs with the correct authentication credentials and see if it enumerates the LUNs. Is it possible to do through sdcli or snapdrive?

I've tried creating one and importing the External Relationship for the current backup but it doesn’t create a consistent Snap. Issue the following query to limit the query results to exception cases: query event * * begindate=today-1 begintime=00:00:00 enddate=today-1 endtime=23:59:59 exceptionsonly=yes The query results include a status field that gives a The following options can be used to minimize the complexity of the environment: v Use a minimal options file consisting of only TCPSERVERADDRESS, TCPPORT, and NODENAME.