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Is there a V9 report or query we can run to determine this? Barry Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)byBarryonJuly 13, 2010 Re: Error in Running Job - Expired license for application type 32-bit system please attach a license summary report with full details included If we use SnapDrive without having the Failover Cluster configured the problem does not exist. Do we need the license ''disk mount path sharing'' - is that included with gridstor or not required? navigate here

Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)byAnanda VonOctober 24, 2014 Re: Evaluation License does not convert after applied Permanent License Awesome! Typically you should recieve from them a refreshed license key which you can apply, then the additional values would be ingested, and ... Error description: RPC Error - FormatMessage failed to create error message.Thanks, Solved! In terms of data, you're good up to that last snapshot - anything that was written to the filer subsequent to that is obviously lost.You'll need to safely recover and failback

Snapdrive Failed To Apply The Transport Protocol Settings

You can't actually release it, but you can modify it. As you have 4 hyper-v nodes, ensure that all ip addresses are properly resolved.2. Barry.

  • Any idea what its called?
  • Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)byahthomasonJune 17, 2014 Re: Unable to Apply license I asked for refreshed key from Licensing Manager.
  • Your account manager would be best as you will most likely need a new license cut.
  • template.
  • This could happen when all mof files in C:\Windows\system32\wbem are recompiled.

Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)bygmartinonJuly 7, 2011 Deduplication Active Store Capacity I'm on a capacity based license, and one license I don't understand. I browsed to the file named CVL_000FD0D2_ma.xml - clicked apply and the license summary shows evaluation license only. Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)bySConningtononJune 28, 2010 Re: Simpana V10 - Erase Data Function not available Hy, i have now looked in my v10 lab and i can not find this Failed To Get Data Ontap Version Running On The Storage System Snapmirror volume DB on filer filer3 is now broken-offSnapDrive onlines next and sees the volume is broken-off and unmaps the iSCSI mappings previously held by the now dead production filer2006/04/27 10:28:53

Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)byfdxpilotonDecember 19, 2011 Unable to Apply license When i am trying to apply license (xml from commvault) its showing Failed to appy license. Snapdrive All Cluster Nodes Must Be Running To Perform This Operation Cheers, John [/quote] We had this same problem just about a week ago, and sent a message off to ... Showing results for  Search instead for  Do you mean  VOX : Business Continuity : Cluster Server : Veritas Cluster for Netapp Snapmirror for Windows/... If you run a license summary report, do you see the details listed there?

If the jobs are still on the License Summary Report (including Capacity Usage) they may still be on a secondary copy. Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)bybeckyelliottonJanuary 13, 2015 Removing TB to lower license capacity So we bought 60TB in licensing to accomodate our servers. Also, View All Licenses ... gwmi -Namespace root\wmi -list -ComputerName Server1 | sort > Server1.txt This showed some classes missing on the bad server.

Snapdrive All Cluster Nodes Must Be Running To Perform This Operation

Select SWSvc.exe and click Open, then click OK in the Add a Program window and in the Windows Firewall Settings window. Did you try to install something and you got a ... Snapdrive Failed To Apply The Transport Protocol Settings Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)byadvntraceronOctober 31, 2014 Re: Licensing Question Hi Thomas, Could you confirm what iDA type the backups are happening for? Snapdrive Transport Protocol Is Not Set To Connect The Storage System And its worked.

This sounds like you applied a Pilot license. I have a CommNet license as part of my CommCell agreement but how do you apply this license to the physical CommNet server as there does not appear to be a So this means restubbing will have impact on capacity license usage. For VMware's backup API to work they need this license. Snapdrive Failed To Get The List Of Licenses On The Storage System

Running 7.0 and have Virtual File System Licenses going to 8.0 and don't have any Virtual Server Licenses. Just adding the c:\programfilesblablabla\netapp\snapdrive\SWSvc.exe to the inbound and outbound rules at every node.Thats it Reply 0 Kudos Options Bookmark Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content lschuberth Re: RPC Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)byJWeironAugust 8, 2012 Evaluation License Help I have an expired Evaluation License for Exchange Database. I can now see all drives in my snap drive console.

If you have reached the available usage for a CAL license, do the following: Reset the ... We're using VSA disk level backups and v9 SP8a. Living and working in the Netherlands.

Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)bymaimark2onDecember 10, 2012 Re: VSA and Capacity Licensing It will free up the license but only at the next full/synthetic full backup.

So nothing to worry. When you release a license, even though the GUI looks the same (deconfigured) that iDA has no license at all and the restore will not function. Say the last true full is 5tb but the subsequent synthetic full is 1tb... I use a special account in AD avalaible in the administrators group on filers and servers.I have tried many versions of Snapdrive 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3.

if you have capacity based license you should be ok, . Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)bykloganathanonMarch 17, 2016 Re: Installation of VSA fails with license error Thanks, though you have a Capacity based license model, you don't have the ''Virtual Server'' license We're hoping to see a technote on the issue soon but until that stage I would strongly recommend leaving this to the lab and well away from production. 0 Kudos Reply The vm's that no longer exist is still in the storage retention policy.

Good morning, It is not necessary to upgrade to SP8 but it is always a recommendation to ensure you have the latest updates which may include changes in licensing. Posted toBackup and Recovery (Forum)bygmartinonSeptember 19, 2011 Re: Reporting on One Pass / Archive clients Greetings folks, This should also be available on the License Summary Report. Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)byRavionOctober 23, 2013 Re: Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution of requested operation This is because you dont have license for backup those VMs on ESX Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)byipmanonSeptember 22, 2010 Re: VSA and Capacity Licensing Hello Haveyea, could you confirm did the backup go pending and restart by any chance?

Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)byRajivonJuly 15, 2015 Re: Release License Only or Also Uninstall Client? I am running Snapdrive 6.0.2, SMSQL 5.0 and SME 5.0. Posted toCommon Technology Engine (Forum)byAlionAugust 4, 2014 License Question Have a, sort of, hybrid licensing model here when it comes to Commvault.