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Socket Error 3406


In addition, the database file must contain valid X client properties. (The file cannot be empty.) RX5401 Unable to automatically restart Reflection X server. Note: If you see error RX278, RX279, or RX281 when opening an .rxc file, the issue may be fixed in version 14.0 Service Pack 6 (see Technical Note 2127). Reflection X is attempting to connect to the indicated X client. If you click Yes, Reflection X will use an internal keyboard map that is based on the default US keyboard map (Us.kmp). http://unordic.com/error-codes/socket-error-65.html

RX5502 The Custom help file specified (%s) does not exist. RX867 PATHWORKS Dnetw.dll could not be found. Some Reflection X errors are not listed here either because they are self-explanatory, or because they require assistance from Technical Support. To map the third and fourth character (using a key in combination with Alt Gr and Shift+Alt Gr), you must have a key on your keyboard that serves as an Alt http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=nas8N1016309

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This X client cannot be run as a trusted client. If Rxwizard.ini and/or Rxwizard.exe are not in this directory, Welcome Guest, Sign In | Register Suggestions Advanced Search Help Recent Searches No recent searches 0 items Products Popular Categories Clothing The file Replay.exe is either not installed on this PC or cannot be found by Reflection X. If you want to allow non-XDMCP clients to connect to Reflection X, you must make the appropriate entries in the Xhosts file or select a Security mode other than Host-based security

  • See the product help for suggestions.
  • RX5100 Invalid login for RSH.
  • In order to use a key as Alt Gr, that key must be defined as one of the modifier keys in the range Mod1 through Mod5.
  • When you make a change to a Reflection setting that requires a restart, you see a warning message to that effect.
  • Unless you restart the server, the appearance of X Clients will be adversely affected and the GLX extension won't function properly.

EIBMSOCKOUTOFRANGE 1002 Socket number assigned by client interface code (for socket() and accept()) is out of range EIBMSOCKINUSE 1003 Socket number assigned by client interface code is already in use EIBMIUCVERR Free up Windows memory (for example, by closing other applications) and try again. Click here to get the free tool. Tcp Socket Error Bgp Note: If you see error RX278, RX279, or RX281 when opening an .rxc file, the issue may be fixed in version 14.0 Service Pack 6 (see Technical Note 2127).

By downloading and running the registry repair tool RegCure Pro, you can quickly and effectively fix this problem and prevent others from occuring. Tcp Ip Error Codes List If this font is missing or corrupted, you can restore it by re-installing Reflection X. Make sure that the file is a valid filter file. http://infocenter.arm.com/help/topic/com.arm.doc.dui0144b/BABCHBGH.html Reflection X needs to make use of this file to establish a local connection.

Each font directory contains a file called Fonts.dir that serves as a database for the X server of the fonts contained in the font directory. Http Error Codes The host is currently unable to support XDMCP. EACH Description ||

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  • || Black Steel/Galvanised Error Numbers 3000-3999 RX3300 Unable to obtain local DECnet node ID.

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    If Rxwizard.exe is not in this directory, move it there, restore it to the directory from back-up, or re-install Reflection X. website here In rare cases, you may need an updated video driver (or try the standard Windows driver). Tcp Socket Error Codes RX854 Invalid IP address. Socket Error Codes Linux I can't believe it, Thank you!!!” Allan- Yesterday “I spent all day trying to sort this out then found your site.

    Please run Setup to correctly install Reflection X. have a peek at these guys The -d option connects Reflection X to the specified host on startup, with the XDMCP Method set to Direct. If clients are running, you may not want to restart right away. RX2103 Your XDMCP connection has terminated. Tcp Error Codes

    A log will now be created that can be used for troubleshooting purposes. Make sure that Dnew.dll is included in your path. Each Hosts file entry associates a host name, and optional host name aliases, with the IP address of a host system. http://unordic.com/error-codes/socket-error-68.html RX1131 Reflection X must be restarted for the following modified setting(s) to take effect: For some settings changes to take effect, Reflection X must be shut down and restarted.

    RX701 '%s' is an invalid directory. In X terminology, a window is "mapped" when it is eligible for display on the screen. The Xhosts file does not contain any valid entries.

    For information on Fonts.ali, see the product help.

    RX268 Master configuration file location: '%s'. In that case, go for it... For more information, see X Server Resource Usage in the product help. If you click No, you must specify a valid keyboard map file in the Keyboard map box (Keyboard Settings).

    Click 'Start Scan' to scan your PC for errors If errors are found, click 'Next' then 'Repair Now' to Repair the problem You may need to reboot your PC for the We're matching your request. If you try to use this keymap file with another keyboard, you might encounter problems. this content All rights reserved..

    This path, which is specified during installation, must exist and you must be able to write to it.