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Socket Error Code 60


Attempt to initialize again. If you want to reuse the same address, use Setsockopt() with SO_REUSEADDR. Check status and contents of source database if this occurred during a file access. 6 EAI_MEMORY GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO The resolver cannot obtain storage to process the host name. This is usually an indication that a proper OMVS RACF® segment is not defined for the user ID associated with application.

How do really talented people in academia think about people who are less capable than them? Browse other questions tagged ios xcode ipad ios-simulator or ask your own question. ios xcode ipad ios-simulator share|improve this question asked Apr 8 '13 at 17:42 Derek 83 Did you try adding them to the run loop before you opened the streams? A callback returned "abort" to libcurl.

Socket Error Codes Linux

Am I missing something simple here? The SetAD_eye1 value is not valid. CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_RETR_FILE (19) This was either a weird reply to a 'RETR' command or a zero byte transfer complete. This is not an error condition.

noname007 commented Sep 13, 2016 👍 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY (5) Couldn't resolve proxy. The Socket() call used to create the socket should be changed to use AF_INET for the domain parameter. 47 EAFNOSUPPORT IOCTL You attempted to use an IPv4-only ioctl on an AF_INET6 Tcp/ip Error Codes List CURLE_TFTP_ILLEGAL (71) Illegal TFTP operation.

Eliminate excessive number of arguments. 156 EMVSINITIAL All Process initialization error. Correct the IOCTL COMMAND. 45 EOPNOTSUPP GETSOCKOPT The specified GETSOCKOPT OPTNAME option is not supported by this socket API. Otherwise, call your system administrator. 3 ESRCH All The process was not found. original site Ensure user ID has authority for the specified operation. 1015 EIBMBADCONNECTIONMATCH All A connection token that is not valid was detected.

Check the maximum sockets specified in MAXDESC(). 25 ENOTTY All An incorrect device call was specified. Tcp Ip Return Codes Check file name and if it exists. 20 ENOTDIR All The specified directory is not a directory. Fill in the destination field in the correct parameter and reissue the function call. 40 EMSGSIZE Sendto Sendmsg Send Write The message is too long. For FTP, the server typically denied the STOR command.

  • Call your MVS system programmer. 2014 ENIVALIDFILENAME REXX An error occurred during NUCEXT processing.
  • CURLE_FTP_ACCEPT_TIMEOUT (12) During an active FTP session while waiting for the server to connect, the CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS (or the internal default) timeout expired.
  • Call your system administrator. 78 EDEADLK All A deadlock condition has occurred.
  • The SetAD_len value contains an incorrect length for the SetAD_ver version of the SetADcontainer structure.

Sendto Error: 65 Pfsense

Refer to the appropriate documentation. Ensure that the target application is active. 52 ENETRESET All The network dropped a connection on a reset. Socket Error Codes Linux Check the current use of the file. 27 EFBIG All The specified data set is too large. Tcp Socket Error Codes Share Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository's web address.

CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED (25) Failed starting the upload. have a peek at these guys TTLS_ALLOW_ HSTIMEOUT was requested but the policy has the HandshakeRole value client or the HandshakeTimeout is 0. Also consider curl_multi_strerror. Call your system administrator. 73 ETIME All The timer has expired. Tcp Error Codes List

Correct the level or optname. 43 EPROTONOSUPPORT Socket The specified protocol is not supported. I use Google Async Sockets for this. CURLM_BAD_HANDLE (1) The passed-in handle is not a valid CURLM handle. Call your system administrator. 55 ENOBUFS IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL TTLS_Version1 requesting TTLS_RETURN_ CERTIFICATE or TTLS_Version2 query) The buffer size provided is too small.

CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_INITFAILED (66) Initiating the SSL Engine failed. Socket Error 10054 CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_PASV_REPLY (13) libcurl failed to get a sensible result back from the server as a response to either a PASV or a EPSV command. Check the socket descriptor parameter. 1003 EIBMSOCKINUSE Socket A socket number assigned by the client interface code is already in use.

Use a different socket descriptor. 1004 EIBMIUCVERR All The request failed because of an IUCV error.

Thanks for your help! We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. All gists GitHub Sign up for a GitHub account Sign in Create a gist now Instantly share code, notes, Reestablish the connection between the applications. 54 ECONNRESET All The connection to the destination host is not available. C Socket Errno No matter what, using the curl_easy_setopt option CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER is a good idea as it will give you a human readable error string that may offer more details about the cause of

CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_NOTFOUND (53) The specified crypto engine wasn't found. Issue the SIOCTTLSCTL IOCTL only after the socket is connected. 58 ESHUTDOWN All A Send cannot be processed after socket shutdown. Contact your system administrator. 6 ENXIO All The device or driver was not found. this content A call to SETIBMOPT (IBMTCP_IMAGE), has already been made.

Embed Share Copy sharable URL for this gist. Check the validity of function parameters. 14 EFAULT IOCTL (SIOCSAPPLDATA) An abend occurred while attempting to copy the SetADcontainer structure from the address provided in the SetAD_ptr field. CURLE_TELNET_OPTION_SYNTAX (49) A telnet option string was Illegally formatted. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up iPad TCP Connection Socket timed out (Code 60) up vote 0 down vote favorite I am trying to make a simple TCP

Correct the protocol parameter. 44 ESOCKTNOSUPPORT All The specified socket type is not supported. Correct the socket type parameter. 45 EOPNOTSUPP IOCTL The specified IOCTL command is not supported by this socket API. N/A 54 ECONNRESET Send Write The connection to the destination host is not available. CURLE_LDAP_SEARCH_FAILED (39) LDAP search failed.

Ensure the server application is available. 61 ECONNREFUSED Connect The requested connection was refused. Correct the SOCTYPE. 10 ECHILD All There are no children. Check parameter values of the function call. 3 EAI_FAIL FREEADDRINFO GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO This is an unrecoverable error. Set which interface to use for outgoing connections' source IP address with CURLOPT_INTERFACE.

When following redirects, libcurl hit the maximum amount. Did you check file permissions? CURLE_HTTP2_STREAM (92) Stream error in the HTTP/2 framing layer.