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However after 8 days the Management Point roles disappeared from the monitoring screen on the CAS with an Informational message appearing in the “SITE_SYSTEM_STATUS_SUMMARIZER” that it “has not been able to Re: SMS Error: Cause Code 3, Error Code 2 Wildman Aug 29, 2011 3:06 PM (in response to ChristinaB_VZW) This appeared to been covered in Incredible thread and also the #3 This element contains no content. In my smppbox.log I > get the following error and warning messages periodically. > > DEBUG: SMPP[ESME]: Sending PDU: > DEBUG: SMPP PDU 0x910c7b0 dump: > DEBUG: type_name: bind_receiver_resp > DEBUG: have a peek here

Similar to Code 0301. The operating country may be specified by the user when the user signs up to use the service and may be changed via the MyAccount website. The field will contain "Working Condition Of Line=" with the working condition of the line appended to the message. 0305 The circuit or line status is pending. The format of the dateTime data type is described in detail here and here.

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At this point these messages can be ignored safely, I have already verified the site is healthy and functional.Regards Ryan Proposed as answer by Anonymous10657 Monday, March 25, 2013 4:29 PM Binary message not allowed on profile. - This message does not allow binary messages.410 Temporary System failure, please retry.411 Number unroutable. Top parisien Posts: 3 Joined: 2011/05/16 02:29:19 Re: error with nxserver ? Another trouble report cannot be opened. 3002 Invalid modify or close request.

  1. My hierarchy consists of a SCCM 2012 RTM (not SP1) CAS, a primary server containing a management point and a component server hosting a management point for load and\or redundancy.
  2. This message ID is the same message ID that was specified in recipient uid attribute in the Send Messages request.
  3. If the delivery status is equal to “delivered” then the timestamp element indicates the date and time at which the message was received on the recipient’s handset.
  4. This element specifies all the messages that are requested to be sent.
  5. Attribute names are specified in bold and written as attribute.
  6. The format of the dateTime data type is described in detail here and here.
  7. Do not retry.422 Destination unavailable, please try again.Status different than "NACK"The following table shows the values of specific ErrorCode for the route.
  8. type This attribute specifies the type of crediting used by the account.
  9. Table describes the possible values that this attribute may assume and what each of these statuses indicate.
  10. Sequence numbers should be unique within the request.Sequence numbers must be unsigned integers and may range from 1 to 2147483647.

This value of this attribute is always “” as this is the target namespace. This element provides attributes which summarise the result of the Check Reports request. Account credit limits are per-day message limits and are refreshed each day. It works fine when I send only > a > single sms through kannel/smppbox. Invalid Teleservice Id If no maximum was specified all unconfirmed replies will be present in the response. 1.7.1 FORMAT OF THE CHECK REPLIES RESPONSE Listing shows an example Check Replies response. SITE=GPR PID=3040 TID=7548 GMTDATE=Wed Error Code 3 Text Message I searched it on Verizon and I found no information about this error on Verizon. There are six requests supported by the XML Interface: Check User, Send Messages, Check Replies, Confirm Replies, Check Reports and Confirm Reports. 1.1 FAULT RESPONSE FORMAT Fault responses are returned by look at this web-site Messages are specified by their message ID.

creditRemaining This attribute specifies the amount of daily credit remaining for the account. Sms Error Message Prank Element names are specified in bold and written as . West only. 2006 Test Equipment Error 0800 - REACT: EQUIPAGE, NOT EQUIPPED - NYCMNYVS71A on J44 returned unexpected response 2007 System Time Out Resubmit Switch Timeout 2008 Circuit Inventory Incomplete 0301 change your phone for another > brand or look for a GSM modem > > > > |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| > Env?e y Reciba Datos y mensajes de Texto (SMS) hacia y desde

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If the uid was not specified in the request the value of this attribute will be zero. 1.18 UNBLOCK NUMBERS REQUEST The Unblock Numbers request is used to remove existing number receiptId This attribute specifies the receipt ID of the reply message to confirm. Sms Error Codes List an integer between 0 and 255 inclusive). Smpp Error Code List The receipt ID is specified by the attribute receiptId.

The response provides a summary of the result of the request, including a list of any recipients that could not be blocked. 1.17.1 FORMAT OF THE BLOCK NUMBERS RESPONSE Listing navigate here no paging response via msc.  107absent subscriber. If the status is equal to “pending” then the timestamp is equal to the date and time at which the message was received by the recipient’s service provider’s network. So, I would like to ask a couple of questions to troubleshoot this issue.-Is this happening with all messages you send?If not, is it a specific phone number? Network Problems Cause Code 3 Straight Talk

Supported send modes are:• “dropAll” – to drop (not send) the requested messages, and return a result indicating that messages were sent / scheduled successfully or failed to send at random. Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian CONTACT US SIGN IN Toggle navigation Products SMS Products Web SMS Email to SMS SMS APIFeatures You Will Love Text to Voice 2 Way SMS The possible paths are identified by numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)IDSMSC ID1MO2MB3IB4AT5RD6AGError CodeError code  depends on the status and in some cases also by the RoutingCodeImmediate errors (Status = NACK)For errors The UID is an unsigned integer the uniqely identifies the recipient for a given Block Numbers request.uid values are used to report which recipients failed to be blocked in the Block

As only SMS reply messages are supported the value of this attribute will always be “SMS”. Smsc Error Codes Element names are specified in bold and written as . For a definitive specification of the Delete Scheduled Messages response see the Delete Scheduled Messages response XML schema provided in Appendix A.14. The root element of the Delete Scheduled Messages

Do not retry.419Number unroutable.

Report Inappropriate Content Message 4 of 7 (25,397 Views) Reply 0 Likes tanzim Elite II Posts: 9,321 Registered: ‎04-01-2008 My Device: Torch 9800 My Carrier: grameenphone Re: SMS Error 3 Options The delivery reports are listed in ascending order of their timestamp. (Optional) This element is used to specify a single delivery report. For example, if the recipient’s handset is switched off some providers will first send this status and then send the delivered status when the recipient’s handset is turned on and the Error 4 Invalid Teleservice Id Delivery reports that are unconfirmed will be downloaded each time a Check Reports request is made.

If there is not enough credit to send all messages in the request no messages will be sent. Reply messages are downloaded for a specific user account. sequenceNumber For a message error this attribute specifies the sequence number of the message that resulted in the error. If a format other than these is specified the request will not pass schema validation and an invalidDataFormat error will be returned.

About Verizon Privacy Policy Legal Notices Site Map users Digest, Vol 48, Issue 168 david ally at Thu Aug 26 18:50:14 CEST 2010 Previous message: Dlr.php Next message: The timestamp element indicates the date and time (in UTC) that the message was delivered to the recipient’s handset. For Groups: this error is reported only at the group level. Error Code Description authenticationFailed The user ID or password was invalid.

In this example 3 errors are reported affecting 6 recipients in total. This is your resource to discuss support topics with your peers, and learn from each other. Delivery reports are specified by their receipt ID. Then it disconnects and connects again in a > while for deliveries. > Do you think it can be from my smpp client?

Moreover, my client does not > receive all the deliveries back. I also would like someone to help with my previous questions if what I'm trying to do with kannel is possible or not? confirmed This attribute specifies the total number of delivery reports that were confirmed by the request. This error code only pertains to the Send Messages request.

messageId This attribute specifies the message ID of the message to unschedule. This receipt ID is the same receipt ID that the reply message was assigned in the Check Replies response. Connectivity Guide Logon to LSI-TA What's New © 2012 Verizon. Will occur whenever your company's RSID/AECN is not marked as "owner" on Verizon records. 1005 Routing Failure Unable to direct Request to the correct testing center. 1006 Invalid Service Recovery Request