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Long error: The time period for validating this transaction code has passed. 703 Serious Error Short error: Unable to create response. Table 8. Long error: The response cannot be stored in the database. 704 Serious Error Short error: Unable to create response note. Long error: Please make sure the product name does not exceed replaceable_value characters. 895 Serious Error Short error: Product name is not alphanumeric. Check This Out

Long error: You have sent a value in the (or ) tag, please send the value in the (or ) tag. 340 Serious Error Short error: Invalid page number. On Android, use the key in the app's string resources when populating this value. Long error: Please specify the user ID of the eBay member you would like to leave feedback for. 46 Serious Error Short error: Comment type not selected. Please go back and remove the featured auction option. 106 Serious Error Short error: Description is missing.

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Long error: Sorry, but you cannot list a real estate item at fixed price. 311 Serious Error Short error: No shipping payment selected. Long error: Dutch auctions cannot be private. 81 Serious Error Short error: Starting price must be less than reserve price. More often than not, I'm finding the recipient DID recieve them, but I still show a red x.When I open the "failed" message, it shows "SMS Error 3, Message ID XX"Any Long error: The theme ID is obsolete.

  • Please provide a valid one. 604 Serious Error Short error: Theme ID obsolete.
  • Long error: Your weekly selling activity limits have been exceeded, or the user has not registered as a seller.
  • We only use information from the Status field.Error codeError DescriptionPermanentStatus0000Message deliveredYDELIVRDRouting-code:2 (MB)Error-CodeError DescriptionPermanentStatus1Phone relatedNoBUFFERED2Deliver related: message within operatorNoBUFFERED3Accepted bySMSCNoACKED4Delivered to mobile devicen/aDELIVERED5Message failed - detailed reason is unknownn/aFAILED6Final status of message
  • Long error: Please make sure the folder name does not exceed replaceable_value characters. 893 Serious Error Short error: Folder name is not alphanumeric.
  • Long error: You specified = false, but you supplied replaceable_value tag. 379 Serious Error Short error: Name Missing.

Long error: Oversize packages cannot be shipped using USPS Priority Mail, Media Mail, Express Mail or First Class Mail. 724 Serious Error Short error: Letters are not valid for weight. If not set, each request creates a new notification. error -306 smNosInfoArray: No sInfoArray. Smsc Error Codes The version number at the bottom of this topic indicates the eBay Platform API version that was in effect when this table was last generated.

Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian Forums Ask a Question New Posts Trending Discussions BlackBerry DTEK60 BlackBerry DTEK50 Priv by BlackBerry BlackBerry Leap BlackBerry Classic BlackBerry Passport BlackBerry Z30 BlackBerry Smpp Error Code List If you are integrating messaging in a new app, start with FCM. Long error: Please provide a valid Shipping Package type. 740 Serious Error Short error: Please provide a weight between 0 and 70 pounds. The number may be higher than the version of the WSDL you are using.

error -23005 connectionClosing: A TCPClose command was already issued so there is no more data to send on this connection. Error 4 Invalid Teleservice Id Long error: Please make sure the unit cost is not less than 0. 903 Serious Error Short error: Attribute characteristic Set not found. error -400 gcrOnMFMErr: gcr format on high density media error error -360 slotNumErr: invalid slot # error error -351 smRecNotFnd: Record not found in the SRT. On iOS, if the message is sent via APNS, it represents the custom data fields.

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Parameter Usage Description Targets to Required, string This parameter specifies the recipient of a message. Long error: You must enter a title for your item. 70 Serious Error Short error: Title too long. Sms Error Codes List I have tried resetting my phone by taking out the battery (which I've gotten into the habit of doing once a week now), and the problem doesn't go away at all. Invalid Teleservice Id in communications technology from the University of Wilhelmshaven in Germany.

Bibliographic informationTitleGPRS: Gateway to Third Generation Mobile NetworksArtech House mobile communications seriesAuthorsGunnar Heine, Holger SagkobPublisherArtech House, 2003ISBN1580536077, 9781580536073Length306 pagesSubjectsComputers›Data Transmission Systems›WirelessComputers / Data Transmission Systems / WirelessTechnology & Engineering / Mobile his comment is here Long error: Flat Envelope Packages cannot be shipped using Parcel Post Mail. 737 Serious Error Short error: Postal code is not valid. error -23011 streamAlreadyOpen: An open stream is already using the receive buffer area. Most eBay errors associated with the Item Specifics (Attributes) API and Pre-filled Item Information are in these error code ranges: 912-917, 924-925, 5000-5130, 12003-12038. Sms Error Message Prank

color Android Optional, string Indicates color of the icon, expressed in #rrggbb format click_action Android, iOS Optional, string The action associated with a user click on the notification. Request originated from a server not whitelisted in the Server Key IPs. See the FAQ to learn more. Long error: You must specify a valid address value to change/add address. 391 Serious Error Short error: Invalid or empty Phone Number.

Long error: The tag you supplied has invalid value. 255 Serious Error Short error: Invalid . Absent Subscriber Error Long error: Letters cannot be sent via Media Mail. 745 Serious Error Short error: Large envelopes cannot be sent via Media Mail. Long error: This remote GetCategoryListing request failed, please try again. 253 Serious Error Short error: Invalid .

In order to list more than one item, your StartPrice must be raised. 586 Serious Error Short error: User is not qualified to list Dutch or multi-quantity fixed-price.

error -416 btKeyLenErr: Maximum key length is too long or equal to zero. Long error: Missing comment in the input. 48 Serious Error Short error: Comment too long. Long error: The detail information for UserId "replaceable_value" was not found in our database. 34 Serious Error Short error: Your application encountered an error. Gsm Error Codes Internal Server Error 500 or 200 + error:InternalServerError The server encountered an error while trying to process the request.

Long error: You must select eBay Payments/Credit Cards only. 105 Serious Error Short error: Featured auction not allowed. But now since i am caught up on the mods and all i decided to use it now as a phone. The exact failure reason is described in the response and the problem should be addressed before the request can be retried. 401 There was an error authenticating the sender account. 5xx Long error: The Buy It Now price has been revised by the seller. 863 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment PayPal payment missing.

Long error: The start price you submitted is invalid. Long error: Sorry, but the start date was missing or invalid. must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. 334 Serious Error Short error: Invalid account activity end date. error -313 smNoBoardSRsrc: No Board sResource. Long error: Unable to calculate shipping costs at this time.

Long error: Immediate payment PayPal email address is missing, please provide a valid one. 845 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment Seller missing. He has conducted extensive research in 3GPP standardization. Do not retry.418Number unroutable. The default value is false.

Long error: You cannot use the eBay scheduling feature. Parameter Usage Description multicast_id Required, number Unique ID (number) identifying the multicast message. Long error: The specified is invalid. 353 Serious Error Short error: Java script not allowed. Long error: The user ID in the session certificate does not match the requesting user. 139 Serious Error Short error: Session certificate expired.

Long error: You may not list using a reserve price at this site 151 Serious Error Short error: Invalid international shipping region. Welcome to the official BlackBerry Support Community Forums. The possible paths are identified by numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)IDSMSC ID1MO2MB3IB4AT5RD6AGError CodeError codeĀ  depends on the status and in some cases also by the RoutingCodeImmediate errors (Status = NACK)For errors Long error: The payment terms you have selected are not valid for the site you are listing on or for the category selected. 240 Serious Error Short error: The item cannot