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The billing nibble may be set to 4 on a REJECTED or FAILED report to indicate that although the billing transaction failed, the message was submitted to the carrier for delivery. Groups can be combined with parameterization. When the server defined in thedlr-url parameter is unable to respond for the SMS Delivery Request 3 times in a row, the SMS Delivery Request is dropped. Generated Fri, 28 Oct 2016 07:13:52 GMT by s_fl369 (squid/3.5.20) have a peek here

REASON_REJECTED_BILLING_PSMSBARRED MT charge barred (generic) Fail Charges to this subscriber have been barred - no further information available from carrier. 0x1.011... † Reason code group: charge failed Fail Group of billing-related WindowsDevelopment.com Internet Resource for Windows development software. The disadvantage of this method is, that you have to poll once in a while to get the current message status. String id The ID of this inbound message.

Sms Error Codes List

This is done by sending a 'query_sm' packet to the provider. The delivery status is encoded in the 'short_message' field as an ASCII text message. String array N/A Elements must be group IDs. Can be used for debugging String The following HTTP error codes are available: HTTP Status Code Description 400 syntax_invalid_json The request JSON is invalid or does not conform to the API

  1. It may be possible that Messente makes multiple requests with different statuses.
  2. The following statuses are available when using the REST API: Status Description Type Queued Message is queued within REST API system and will be dispatched according to the rate of the
  3. The protocol defines the information which needs to be exchanged between the user and the SMSC and the operations associated with the exchange of SMS messages.

Status Description 200 OK The request was successful. 201 Created The request was successful and a new resource was created. 400 Bad Request The request does not conform to the API. If a delivery report for the specified message reference is found, a SmsDeliveryStatus object is returned. Using Unicode Characters: Message Length Number of SMS Parts 1 - 70 1 71 - 132 2 133 - 198 3 199 - 264 4 264 - 330 5 331 - Absent Subscriber Error Code This could happen if the ID is invalid or if the group has been deleted. 403 unknown_campaign The campaign ID does not match the specified originator. 403 missing_callback_url Callback has been

REASON_REJECTED_DESTTEMP_BARRED Barred Fail Temporary bar on delivery of this content to the destination. † 0x1.0302.. Absent Subscriber Error Must be positive number| NULL\n|60|5|REJECTED_INVALID_RING_TIMEOUT|Invalid ringTimeout. the subscriber may be known by another carrier. http://www.activexperts.com/sms-component/sms/gsmdeliveryreports/ REASON_REJECTED_BILLING_CHARGEFAILED Charge failed Fail This charge has been rejected by the carrier.

String Array N/A No Response 200 OK Name Description JSON Type page The requested page Integer page_size The number of groups returned in this request Integer count The total number of Subscriber Busy For Mt Sms Message can be retried. 405 Unmatched Parameter Aborted One or more parameters in the message body has no mapping for this recipient. 406 Internal Expiry Aborted Message was expired before reaching We only use information from the Status field.Error codeError DescriptionPermanentStatus0000Message deliveredYDELIVRDRouting-code:2 (MB)Error-CodeError DescriptionPermanentStatus1Phone relatedNoBUFFERED2Deliver related: message within operatorNoBUFFERED3Accepted bySMSCNoACKED4Delivered to mobile devicen/aDELIVERED5Message failed - detailed reason is unknownn/aFAILED6Final status of message String N/A Max 20 characters No members Inital list of MSISDNs for the group String array N/A Elements must be MSISDNs.

Absent Subscriber Error

Where: id - the message ID allocated to the message by the server sub - the number of short messages originally submitted dlvrd - the number of short messages delivered submit curl-X DELETE \ -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/batches/{batch_id}" A batch can be canceled at any point. Sms Error Codes List The number of discount codes must be at least equal to number of messages to be sent. 66 There is no [%code] tag in the message with a &discount_group parameter (this Smsc Error Codes List batch messages Retrieve the first 30 batches curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/batches" Retrieve the third page of batches with a page size of 50 curl

Please note that your connection username and password will be given to you separately. http://unordic.com/error-code/sms-error-codes.html Possible error codes include syntax_invalid_json, syntax_invalid_parameter_format and syntax_constraint_violation. 403 Forbidden The system was not able to fulfill your request. On the Access Configuration Panel, the ports are named as follows: Name Port Number smpp 9000 smppnogsm 8000 UCP-EMI Introduction UCP-EMI (Universal Computer Protocol/External Machine Interface) is a transfer protocol that For more advanced access restriction, you can set the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) value from 0-32 to describe subnets within an IP Address. Equipment Protocol Error Sms

UCP-EMI supports: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, TDMA, CDMA networks Submission of SMS short messages Reception of notifications For more information about UCP-EMI you can consult the UCP-EMI specification: UCP-EMI 4.0 Specification In To establish these bind states, please consult the next section on “SMPP Commands”. Should your message not be delivered, an error code will be returned in the deliver_sm with a reason why. http://unordic.com/error-code/sms-delivery-error-codes.html Must be positive number| NULL |62|5|REJECTED_INVALID_MACHINE_DETECTION|Invalid machineDetection.

How are you? Teleservice Not Provisioned Error REASON_REJECTED_SYSFAIL_BILLING System error during billing General As per REASON_REJECTED_SYSFAIL, for errors occuring during billing phase. 0x1.06.... † Reason code group: message Fail Group of error codes representing a problem with the US only.

Do not retry.41B Number unroutable.

For more advanced access restriction, you can set the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) value from 0-32 to describe subnets within an IP Address. Code Description 01 Checksum error 02 Syntax error 03 Operation not supported by system 04 Operation not allowed 05 Call barring active 06 Destination invalid 07 Authentication failure 08 Legitimisation code To restrict access to IP address (for example) set IP Address to and subnet to /32 and click ‚ÄúSave Configuration‚ÄĚ. Gsm Map Error Codes Intermediate Aborted Message was aborted before reaching SMSC.

When making a send_smsAPI request you can specify an optional dlr-url parameter. Using 7-bit Characters: Message Length Number of SMS Parts 1 - 160 1 161 - 304 2 305 - 456 3 457 - 608 4 609 - 760 5 761 - Do not retry.41ENumber Temporarily unroutable, please try again.41F Number Temporarily unroutable, please try again.420 Unable to send on local deliverer421 Cannot find originator for index. http://unordic.com/error-code/smb-error-codes.html Delivery Reports The REST API uses message statuses and error codes in delivery reports, which refer to the state of the SMS batch and can be either retrieved or sent to

ISO-8601 No Must be valid ISO-8601 string No Response 200 OK Name Description JSON Type page The requested page Integer page_size The number of batches returned in this request Integer count REASON_BUFFERED_BILLING_PENDING_OPTIN Buffered whilst awaiting subscriber opt-in The message is being held whilst the carrier performs an opt-in process (eg, AT&T USA OPPC). 0x3.03.... † Reason code group: destination temporary Temporary delivery Must be positive number| NULL\n|62|5|REJECTED_INVALID_MACHINE_DETECTION|Invalid machineDetection. O ¬ß o √† LF is the Line Feed character - for JSON format, enter this as \n SP is the Space character Extended Character Set The following characters are also

Per recipient If a batch was created with a request for per_recipient delivery_report then a callback will be made for each status change of a message. All timestamps returned by the batch will be in UTC with millisecond precision. REASON_DELIVERED_NEW_SUBSCRIPTION Delivered, with a new subscription initiated. These are defined here: Delivery Report Error Codes In addition to these error codes, the REST API adds an additional set of status codes, all within the 4xx range.

The following VBScript code sample demonstrates how to use delivery reports with the SMS and MMS Toolkit: Option Explicit Dim objSmsProtocol Dim objSmsMessage Dim objSmsStatus Dim objConstants Dim strReference Set objSmsProtocol Canceling a batch scheduled in the future will result in an empty delivery report while canceling an already sent batch would result in no change to the completed delivery report. Do not retry.414Number unroutable on current settings. REASON_REJECTED_BILLING_ACCOUNT_CLOSED Account closed Fail Attempt to bill against a closed account.

REASON_REJECTED_DESTPERM_RESELLER Delivery barred (reseller settings) Fail Subscriber obtains connectivity via a reseller; messaging to this subscriber is therefore barred. † 0x1.0408.. Final Failed Message failed to be delivered. Authentication Request with token curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/batches" For each service account you will be provided with an authentication token. Normal text string for mt_text and Base64 encoded for mt_binary.

This is done by defining a parameter key and placing it in the message body. Retrying is likely to cause the same error. 403 Internal error Aborted An unexpected error caused the message to fail. 404 Temporary delivery failure Aborted Message failed because of temporary delivery Register for free Sign-up in 30 seconds and get Free SMS for tests! The possible values are the same as those for REJECTED, except that they begin with 5 rather than 1.

REASON_BUFFERED_DESTTEMP_DELIVFAIL Delivery failed Temporary delivery problem to the destination. 0x5....... - FAILED The reason bytes for FAILED delivery reports give more information on why the carrier was unable to deliver the API Error Codes Error code Description 8 Error in request (please report) 11 Message too long or there is no message or parameter nounicode is set and special characters (including Polish