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Smpp Error Code 69


The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Invalid format. [MSG] 1660ERROR_USER_API_CANNOTLOADFORMCannot load form settign. [MSG] 1661ERROR_USER_API_CANNOTSAVEFORMCannot save form settign. [MSG] 1662ERROR_USER_API_CANNOTREADDESCRCannot read API description. [MSG] 1670ERROR_USER_CANNOTPOLLMESSAGESException catched during polling. [MSG] Warnings 2100WARN_CONFIG_BASE 2101WARN_CONFIG_DIRCREATEUnable to create directory '[DIR]'. [MSG] Resetting all directory values to default. 1615ERROR_USERFILE_DIRERRORDirectory for polling not found. [MSG] 1616ERROR_USERFILE_OUTDIRERROROutput directory not found. [MSG] 1617ERROR_USERFILE_INVLALID_CSVLINEInvalid CSV line. We do this by sending a text to the phone number connected to the service. http://unordic.com/error-code/smpp-error-code-9.html

It may have been deleted, because previous part was not accepted. GsmFavorites.com Internet resource for mobile communication software. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway - Error Codes ErrorcodeErrornameErrormessage Error messages 1020ERROR_MAIN_BASE 1021ERROR_MAIN_GLOBALEXCEPTIONGlobal exception catched: [MSG] 1022ERROR_MAIN_LOCALEXCEPTIONLocal exception catched: [MSG] 1023ERROR_MAIN_UNEXPECTED_STOPStopping engine, because of unknown error. [CODE] 1024ERROR_MAIN_CANNOTLOAD_EXTENSION_PHASE1Cannot load extenstions. [MSG] 1025ERROR_MAIN_CANNOTLOAD_EXTENSION_PHASE2Cannot SIP simplifies communications infrastructure, decreases costs and increases flexibility. https://help.nexmo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204015763-SMPP-Error-Codes

Smsc Error Code List

Data: [DATA]. 3551INFO_USER_HTTPCLIENT_GET_REQUESTInitiating HTTP [METHOD] request to [URL]. 3552INFO_USER_HTTPCLIENT_RESPONSEHTTP response received from [URL]. 3553INFO_USER_HTTPCLIENT_REQUEST_ACCEPTEDReceived HTTP 200 OK, request accepted. [URL]. 3554INFO_USER_HTTPCLIENT_NORESPONSENo response SMS was returned by the HTTP server. WindowsDevelopment.com Internet Resource for Windows development software. Missing envelope ID: [ENVID] 2203WARN_ROUTER_DELIVERYREPORT_MESSAGEREFERENCE_ DOESNOTMATCHCOMPLETELEYEnvelope callback ID '[CID]' information does not match received callback ID information. The customer’s mobile number is connected to their customer account balance and charging of the car starts within 10 to 50 sec of the SMS being sent.

Is your GSM phone or modem powered on? 1415ERROR_DRIVER_CANNOTCREATEDRIVER_COULDNOTINITCould not initialize service provider connection [INSTANCE]. [MSG] 1416ERROR_DRIVER_SUBMITPDU_ERRORCould not submit PDU. If you will send or receiving low to medium volumes, with low to medium throughput you may want to consider using our HTTP REST API. Message considered undeliverable. 1355ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOCONNECTIONNo connection to the service provider. 1356ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NORESPONSENo response from SMSC. Smpp Delivery Status Codes Registration and payment is done on the charging stations website.

Possible routing problem? 1359ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOTACCEPTEDEnvelope rejected by SMSC. 1360ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROREnvelope could not be sent. [ERRORMSG] 1361ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_TIMEOUTTimeout ([SUBMITTIMEOUT] sec.) Envelope could not be sent. [ERRORMSG] 1362ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOREFERENCECould not find message reference in submit response. Submit_sm Response Codes Filename: [FILENAME]. [MSG] 1410ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ CANNOTDOWNLOAD_CANNOTCREATEDIRCannot create support directory for MMS downloads. [DIRNAME] [MSG] 1411ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ CANNOTDOWNLOAD_CANNOTCONTINUEFAILEDDOWNLOADCannot process entries in MMS download support directory, to continue previously failed MMS downloads. [DIRECTORY] [MSG] 1412ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ On the other hand there has been an increase in the volume of SMS traffic sent from companies to private persons. Content of response has invalid format (See http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=355). [ERRORS] [RESPONSE] 1641ERROR_USERHTTPCLIENT_REQUESTTIMEOUTRequest Timeout: [MSG] 1642ERROR_USERHTTPCLIENT_INVALIDURLFormat of target URL could not be determined: [MSG] 1643ERROR_USERHTTPCLIENT_CANNOTRESOLVEHOSTNAMERemote name could not be resolved: [MSG] 1644ERROR_USERHTTPCLIENT_CANNOTOPENURLHTTP Error.

SMPP Server Restarts From time to time the SMPP server is restarted to allow for upgrades and configuration changes, although we try to keep these to a minimum, they are required. Smpp Bind Failed Code 13 There was an IO error. [MSG] 1614ERROR_USERFILE_CANNOTCREATEDIR_ALREADYEXISTSDirectories cannot be same for parameter '[PARAM1]' and '[PARAM2]' value of '[VALUE]' in [SECTIONNAME]. FX Renew was no exception; they needed to quickly implement the new SMS solution and with limited resources. It can be used for: Phone calls from SQL Phone calls from HTTP Voice and SMS applications Callcenter developers If you are working on telephone solutions, please check out the Ozeki

Submit_sm Response Codes

Invalid routing mode: '[ACTION]'. [LINENO] 1215ERROR_ROUTER_UNKNOWNDIRECTIONCannot add route. The ability to obtain a short code through Twilio, which allows Pager Duty to send up to 30 messages a second, was another example of how choosing to build on Twilio Smsc Error Code List The first ever SMS was sent in December 1992 but it wasn’t until 1999 when the public could start sending text messages of their own that SMS really took the world Esme Receiver Reject Message Error It has outstanding APIs for software developers.

We recommend to use OLEDb provider SQLNCLI for Microsoft SQL Server connections. his comment is here Message '[MSG]'. 1217ERROR_ROUTER_COULDNOTFINDROUTEINMessage dropped. Inserting it into database. Enquire Links to our server should be sent no more than once in every 60 second period. Smpp Bind Failed

Error Number Error Name Error Description 0x00000000 ESME_ROK No Error 0x00000001 ESME_RINVMSGLEN Message too long 0x00000002 ESME_RINVCMDLEN Command length is invalid 0x00000003 ESME_RINVCMDID Command ID is invalid or not supported 0x00000004 Unknown user '[USERNAME]'. [LINENO] 1212ERROR_ROUTER_ROUTENAMENOTUNIQUECannot add route. Use a different username to connect with a second instance! this contact form All rights reserved Software PBX for Windows | VoIP SDK | Legal information | Privacy policy | Terms of use Please, address your inquiries to [email protected] SMSC returned error code 0x00000014

Although World Text has taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document, it shall not be liable for any losses whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, including without Smpp Delivery Receipt Error Codes Delivery reports will not be handled correctly. 1363ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOTACCEPTED_REASONEnvelope rejected by SMSC. [MSG] 1364ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOTDELIVEREDDelivery report received that sais could not deliver message to recipient. [ERRORMSG] 1365ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_NOTSENTMessage could not be sent. The car owners has the opportunity to use SMS or RFID to identify themselves at the charging stations however the majority of the customers prefer to use SMS as a simple

This made sense in a world increasingly governed by the principle of BYOD, or bring your own device.

Reason: [MSG] 1034ERROR_LICENSING_CANNOTSAVE_LICENSEFILECannot save file [FILENAME]. If a primary contact doesn’t respond, the alert is escalated to a secondary contact. For Unicode the Data Coding needs to be set to 8 and the Short Message encoded in UCS-2. Esme Receiver Temporary App Error Code Envelope ID: [ENVID] 2204WARN_ROUTER_DELIVERYREPORT_MESSAGEREFERENCE_ALREADYUSEDThis callback ID is already registered in the delivery report router [CID]. 2205WARN_ROUTER_DELIVERYREPORT_COULDNOTFIND_PARLAYXMSGCould not find message with ID '[ID]' 2250WARN_ENCODING_BASE 2251WARN_ENCODING_UNEXPECTEDFORMAT_PDUNONHEXMessage PDU contains unexpected (non-hex) characters.

Cloud Charge is an IT consultancy company offering cloud solutions for security surveillance and payment systems. Custom Status Values In addition to the standard SMPP status values returned in SMPP Message Header, the following are also valid vendor-specific values. For additional information, archived versions of the SMPP specification can be found at the following link: http://www.nowsms.com/smpp-3-4-protocol-specification-archive Related posts: SMPP Error Code Handling in NowSMS SMPP Connection Types - Sender, Receiver, navigate here Message '[MSG]'. 1225ERROR_ROUTER_COULDNOTFINDROUTEOUT_SIMPLEMessage dropped.

Disable PIN Code! 2322WARN_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_TEXTMODE_LONGER160Some modems cannot send messages longer then 160 characters in text mode. 2323WARN_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_LOCALNUMBERFORMATThe number format for the recipient phone number is a local number format. HTTP API can be accessed on following port: [PORT]. 1154ERROR_IFHTTP_CANNOTSERVE_STATICCONTENTCannot serve static content [PATH]. [MSG] 1155ERROR_IFHTTP_CANNOTSERVE_DYNAMICCONTENTCannot serve dynamic content [PATH]. [MSG] 1156ERROR_IFHTTP_CANNOTREAD_TEMPLATECannot read template [TEMPLATENAME], [FILENAME]. [MSG] 1157ERROR_IFHTTP_UNKNOWNUSERInvalid username or password. If you require to use a different source address then please see the information on our web site to request additional source addresses. Reference: [REF] 3328INFO_DRIVER_SENDING_MESSAGE_PDU_SEQUENCESending message with sequence number [SEQ] 3329INFO_DRIVER_SENDING_MESSAGEPART_ACCEPTEDMessage part sent as sequence [SEQNO] [ENVELOPE]was accepted by SMSC with callback reference id [CALLBACKID] 3330INFO_DRIVER_SENDING_MESSAGEPART_NOTFOUNDCorresponding message for message part sent as sequence

Message: [ENVSTR] 3152INFO_ROUTER_ROUTING_OUTGOING_MESSAGEOutgoing message routed to '[OPERATOR]' using route '[ROUTENAME]'. When the customer arrives at the charging station to charge their electric car they send an SMS to a long number (i.e. 54565676) with the station’s name in the message. They then tested Twilio's SIP capabilities for inbound calls and switched over to outbound calling as soon as it became available. "The main advantages of using Twilio SIP are scalability and Please note, the simulator is NOT a protocol verifier, neither does it deliver messages.


But it turned out customers wanted traditional business phones as much as they wanted lower communications costs. “It was a bit of a shock to us that people still wanted to Corresponding message was sent more than 1 day ago. [MSG] 1219ERROR_ROUTER_INVALIDREGEXPInvalid regular expression [PATTERN] in routing condition. [ERROR]. [LINENO] 1220ERROR_ROUTER_COULDNOTFINDROUTECould not find route [NAME] 1221ERROR_ROUTER_LIMITREACHEDSorry, you have reached the maximum number Reason: [MSG] 1472ERROR_DRIVER_PARLAYX_CANNOTRECEIVECannot complete SMS polling, to download incoming SMS messages from ParlayX server. [MSG] 1473ERROR_DRIVER_PARLAYX_CANNOTREGISTERCALLBACKCannot register callback URL '[URL]' on ParlayX server. [MSG] 1474ERROR_DRIVER_PARLAYX_CANNOTFINDDRIVERCannot find an installed ParlayX connection, that Result ‘One of the many advantages of using Beepsend is the ability to be up and running with just half a day spent on integration thanks to their RESTful API’, says

Listening on URL: [URL] 3410INFO_DRIVER_HTTPSERVER_MESSAGESAVEDTOOUTBOXMessage [MSGID] saved to outbox file [FILENAME]. 3500INFO_USER_BASE 3501INFO_USER_CONNECTEDUser enabled. 3502INFO_USER_DISCONNECTEDUser disabled. 3510INFO_USER_MESSAGE_INCOMINGIncoming message for user '[USER]'. [ENVSTR] 3511INFO_USER_MESSAGE_SENDINGMessage accepted for delivery from user '[USER]'. [ENVSTR] 3512INFO_USER_MESSAGE_SENTMessage It can also indicate that the SMPP server has too many messages pending for the specified recipient and will not accept any more messages for this recipient until it is able Server Rebinds In the event of receiving an Unbind Request from the server, you should acknowledge the request with and Unbind Response and Disconnect. Simulator Host and Port Information Hostname smpp1.world-text.com TX Port 12775 RX Port 12775 TRX Port 12775 Enquire link Enquire Links to our server should be sent no more than once in

When a new FX trading recommendation is published it automatically triggers a SMS to their customers. No repsonse received from SMSC to submit request. 1358ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOTSMSUnknown envelope content. To get full functionality, we recommend you to use PDU mode! 3350INFO_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_COPSGSM network information: [CODE] 3351INFO_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_PINRESULTPin code status: [RESULT] 3352INFO_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_DISABLEPINPlease put the SIM card into a mobile handset and disable the Only value [VALUE] is used. 1048ERROR_CONFIG_INVALIDVALUEInvalid configuration value '[VALUE]' for parameter '[PARAM]' in section '[SECTIONNAME]'. 1049ERROR_CONFIG_INVALIDVALUE_LISTENERPORTCannot listen on port '[PORT]'.